Melbourne Craft & Quilt Fair Wrap Up

Last Friday I had a great day as a special guest at the Brother Australia stand at the Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair.

It felt pretty weird seeing myself on posters around the stand! Of course Jane and I had to take a few selfie snaps in front of one!

Sewing up some #hexies at the show! #sewing #quilting #BrotherInspires #melbourne #CraftandQuiltFair A photo posted by Ros (@sewdeliciousros) on

My demo project for the day was a little hexie mini quilt / mug rug. The hexies certainly were the star of the show – so many people wanted to stop and talk about what I was doing. Many commented that they’d never seen hexies sewn in this way. I confess it’s not my original idea – I found pictures on pinterest and discovered that Modern Handcraft has made this technique a signature style and you can find her tutorial here.

I spent a lot of the day chatting to people at the stand, meeting readers (a HUGE thank you to those of you who came and said hello – so lovely to meet you all!) and talking about the Brother machines, including the one I have, the NV1800Q. I was amazed by some of the high level quilting machines – some of them seemed so space age I suspect they could probably also clean the house and cook the dinner!

When wandering around the show a few people asked “Are you that girl from Sew Delicious? Are you Ros?” I’ve never been recognised before but I guess a Craft & Quilt Fair is where it would happen! Now I totally get what it must be like to be Kim Kardashian. 😉

I must get in touch with the people at Brother and ask for one of those posters – my Nan would get a real kick out of seeing it!

4 thoughts on “Melbourne Craft & Quilt Fair Wrap Up

  1. How exciting! Mum has one of those space age quilting machines that cost more than my car!! Get Nan a poster

    1. Poster just arrived in the mail! Those space age quilt machines are scary – I’m sure I’d never use one to it’s full potential!

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