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Japanese chicken recipe

Chicken is the first ingredient that comes to mind regarding weeknight meals. We have chicken at least one night a week in my family. These recipes are reliable and always popular. Here’s a list of Japanese Chicken Recipes that my family and I approved, including two of my self-proclaimed food critic kids.

These recipes are the go-to for Japanese home cooks. They’re easy to make and have fail-safe methods. On the menu, you’ll find a variety of chicken dishes, including teriyaki, butter shoyu, crispy bite-size karaage, and more. I hope you will love them too!

The Best Japanese Chicken Recipes to Serve Tonight

Chicken Meatballs in Sweet and Sour Sauce

Meatballs are an excellent choice for a dinner recipe sure to please everyone. This chicken recipe is made unique by its sweet-and-sour sauce. This sauce is perfect with steamed noodles or rice. These babies also freeze well, so you can have them at your fingertips whenever you want!

Miso Chicken

This recipe is a favorite amongst our readers. This chicken is so moist, full of umami, and delicious that you will want to make this recipe regularly.

Chicken Teriyaki

The famous chicken dish is a staple in every home outside Japan. If you have been using bottled teriyaki, it is time to switch it out for a homemade version. This recipe will show you how to make the classic Japanese chicken teriyaki. You’d be surprised at how easy it is, not only to make the sauce but also that it tastes better!

Garlic Onion Chicken

This weeknight winner is delicious pan-fried, garlic, and onion-flavored chicken. This recipe is quick, easy, and delicious.

Karaage (Japanese Fried Chicken)

In Japan, karaage is one of the most popular dishes for home cooking. The bite-sized pieces make deep frying much easier. The potato starch helps the chicken to be fried perfectly, with an outside that is crisp and juicy on the inside. You may even want to cook extra pieces for the bento box.

Chicken Katsu

This is Japanese chicken schnitzel. Panko breadcrumbs are used to create a crispier, lighter exterior. Tonkatsu sauce is drizzled over the chicken cutlet. Serve with a simple rice bowl or a salad.

Gluten-Free Baked Chicken Katsu

This gluten-free katsu chicken is coated in panko, a rice flour-based coating with a crunchy texture. The katsu is baked in the oven, making it healthier than deep-fried katsu. It is a chicken recipe that you will want to make often.

Chicken Karaage in Sweet Chili Sauce

This sweet and spicy version is fried Japanese chicken coated in delicious chili sauce. This homemade chicken dinner is better than any take-out!

Oyakodon – Chicken & Egg Bowl

Oyakodon can be cooked in a single pan, where onion, chicken, and egg are simmered in a dashi sauce. The sauce is then poured into a bowl filled with fluffy steamed white rice, creating a delicious donburi rice dish. This can be done in just 30 minutes!

Chicken Tempura

Chicken isn’t a common tempura ingredient, but it is a favorite regional dish in Oita Prefecture in the Kyushu Region of Japan. This recipe can be made with chicken breast thanks to the tempura batter. The batter keeps the meat crispy and light while the heart remains juicy and tender. This is a great treat to serve at a dinner party!

Teriyaki Chicken Meatballs

My kids love these teriyaki meatballs because they are juicy and fluffy. The savory homemade sauce enhances the meatballs.

Shio Koji Chicken

Shio Koji is a natural Japanese seasoning that can make delicious and easy Shio Koji Chicken with only four ingredients.

Butter-Shoyu Chicken

This butter shoyu will win the hearts of your family with its simple soy butter glaze! You can prepare a delicious chicken dish in just 30 minutes.

Soboro Don – Ground Chicken Bowl

This colorful rice dish follows the grain, protein, and vegetable formula. It features ground chicken, sweet peas, and scrambled eggs on fluffy rice. This is a simple but reliable recipe. You can make the rice in a rice cooker in advance, and everything else will come together quickly.

Teba shio (Salted Chicken Wings

Wings are great for Friday night parties, game days, and family dinners. These wings are fun, easy, and economical. You only need black pepper, salt, and sake to make these chicken wings.

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