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PSA: The Insta-Famous Always Pan (and Others) Is Super On Sale Right Now

The Always Pan from Our Place is a viral hit on Instagram and TikTok. Multi-purpose kitchen pan can be used to sear, roast, steam, steam, bake, and more for great meals every time. The Pan is easy to move from stovetop to oven, and the nonstick ceramic coating makes cleanup simple. As it continues to impress, it has made our top gift list. It’s all you can ask for in a pan. However, Our Place went one better and offered the Pan for sale.

The Always Pan is lighter than a traditional cast iron pan (although we love them, don’t get me wrong) and weighs only 3 lbs. This makes it easier to switch between burners, move it from one oven to another, clean it, and transfer it to the sink. You will also find a spoon rest and a steamer basket. It’s ideal for small kitchens with limited cabinet space, as it has 8-in-1 functionality. It’s clear to see why it’s a fan favorite. There’s nothing that you won’t love about the Pan.

Every color of the Pan will be discounted as we dive into Black Friday savings. Our Place offers other discounts on products and bundles that include the Always Pan. These include glassware, cookware, and even a knife set.

Black Friday Deals at Our Place

The Perfect Pot makes it easy to steam, cook, boil, bake and store your meals. The Perfect Pot is available in the same colors as the Always Pan to coordinate your stovetop decor. You will receive a wooden spoon, a roasting pan, and a lid for the pot. You can steam, strain, and pour with the modular lid.

You can bundle both the Perfect Pot and the Always Pan together with this Home Cook Duo option to save $10 this holiday season. The cookware can be purchased together for $10, and you can choose different colors. The stovetop cookers come with a modular lid, a wooden spoon, a spatula, and a wooden spoon.

This is the perfect version of the Perfect Pot. It’s a smaller version of the premium cookware that everyone wants. The smaller version of the Perfect Pot has the same functions as the larger one, but it is much easier to store in your cabinets and on top of your stovetop and countertops. This Pan is great for small portions and side dishes.

The Mini Always Pan, another Our Place bestseller, is an excellent option if you cook smaller portions, have limited storage space, or want a little extra to your regular Always Pan. Although smaller than the standard version, it has a more extended handle that allows you to safely move and pour from your Pan without fear of burning.

The Perfect Pot and Always Pan can be used in the oven. But this carefully designed set of ovenware is perfect for all your roasting, baking, and stovetop cooking needs. You’ll find five pieces to help you with any oven task. An oven sheet pan that doubles as a stovetop griddle, three stoneware baking dishes, and an oven mat will be included. The oven sheet can hold all pieces for efficient and easy storage.

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