Echino Cushions

Echino fabric cushion


Last year on my trip to Tokyo I did some fabric shopping and picked up some gorgeous Echino prints. I love the feel of their cotton/linen blends and the bright colours they use in their fabric design. They were heavily discounted due to some small fault running through the bolt (so tiny I couldn’t see it!) and I’ve finally got around to using some of it to make a couple of cushions.

echino cushions


No patchwork this time – this print is a star in it’s own right so I kept it simple. I tried to put it a hidden zipper for the first time. It was a bit of a fail, mainly because I skipped several steps in the hidden zip tutorial because I didn’t have any glue handy. Never mind – I used a bright pink zip and I don’t mind the small pop of pink in the side seam.

echino cushion hidden zip


A good tip someone gave me when sewing cushion covers – always cut them an inch smaller than the cushion form. So if your form is 16 x 16″ cut your fabric 15 x 15″. A smaller cover will ensure that the cushion form will fit snugly and fill out the corners resulting in a nice plump cushion.

This week I’m…

Sewing – I spent yesterday helping a friend set up her new machine and we are half way through making a quilted sewing machine cover for it.

ReadingMy Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante. Not sure if I like it yet but there is so much hype about the Neapolitan series.

Eating – Greens, Eggs & Ham from Joe Wick’s Lean In 15 book 2. My perfect breakfast, it’s delicious.

StartingMichelle Bridges 12WBT next week. It’s my first time – have you ever tried her program? Would love to hear your thoughts!

5 thoughts on “Echino Cushions

  1. Hey! I’ve done Michelle Bridges twice & really liked it at the time. HOWEVER, the general concensus in the nutrition/dietitian community seems to be that the fact that the food part is not personalise is not a great idea, as 1200 kcal is considered a starvation diet for most, depending on size of course. I did like the exercise, though. Fun stuff.
    Hope you’re well!

    1. Interesting! My plan includes the 1200cal meal plan so I will see how we go. With social commitments and things here it is unlikely I’ll be able to adhere to the meal plan strictly but I am really enjoying having a guideline for the week’s meals. Today is the first day, so far so good. First sandwich for lunch in a very long time – it’s usually rice or noodles here!! The app is fantastic and makes the exercising easy and fool proof. Hope you’re well too!

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