Fabric Shopping In Tokyo

Hello! I’ve just arrived back in China after a fabulous summer holiday. We went to Tokyo, Japan and Phuket, Thailand. Needless to say, it was a fantastic trip!

Of course, for me one of the highlights of Tokyo was heading to Nippori to fabric street, and having a little shopping spree! I would love to have spent more time fabric shopping but we were only in Tokyo for 5 days and it wasn’t very interesting for the kids…so just a couple of hours was my limit.

japan fabric shopping


My main stop was to a big store called Tomato, where I was able to indulge my love for Echino fabric.

japan fabric shopping5


There was several bolts of Echino prints in the bargain bin area (OH YEAH BABY!) and I couldn’t work out why…at the cutting counter they profusely apologised over the tiniest imperfection in the fabric that would require a magnifying glass to see…but for 50% off I was willing to forgive them haha!

I also bought a couple of metres of a super soft Yuwa print that was in a bargain bin downstairs and it cost me hardly anything. You should feel this fabric – soft like butter.

japan fabric shopping 3


At this particular shop there was a beautiful variety of cottons and of course several aisles dedicated to Japanese designs. Lots of cats and koi fish!

japan fabric shopping 4


I could have purchased a lot more than I did, but the prices weren’t super bargains (except those items I found in the discount area.) For me it was just lovely to be in a patchwork shop for the first time in months!

I was able to find the fabric area in Nippori very easily thanks to the great info by Alyce from Blossom Heart Quilts in this post. There is also some good info in these posts by Tilly and the Buttons and Cashmerette.

japan fabric shopping 2


One of my favourite things – the lady at the cutting counter gave me about an extra 10cm on every cut! Ahh gotta love that kind of customer service!

Now my only problem is that I’m desperately scheming how I can get back to Japan as soon as possible…

5 thoughts on “Fabric Shopping In Tokyo

  1. Oh what fun! I love to hear of your fabric shopping adventures!
    Wasn’t Phuket one of those hard-hit areas for that giant tsunami?

    1. Hi Janelle, thanks it was a fun trip! Yes Phuket was terribly affected by the tsunami over 10 years ago and thousands of people were killed there. It seems to have got back on it’s feet and there are lots of tourists again but there are still some buildings that have never been repaired.

  2. I just got back from China and Hongkong. I bought about 8m of fabric and thread and zips and stretch lace and elastic. Cones of over locker thread for just 6rmb each. I could have filled a case with them, and zips for just 3rmb. I also went to the bead and ribbon streets in HK with my friend who is mad about beads. I think she spent a small fortune.

  3. Oh I’m so jealous of you!! (Good one of course!)
    Those fabric get to Europe on outrageous prices…:( Sometimes I just to the store to see them 🙂 Japanese make such beautiful prints..
    Lovely post Ros, thank you so much! 🙂

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