Quilted Cushions

Quilted Cushions


When we first moved into our furnished apartment back in February, my first thoughts were “OMG it’s SO BROWN.” Brown furniture, brown cushions, brown couches (ok, beige.) brown brown brown.

I needed to add some COLOUR!

quilted orange cushion


I had some scrappy quilt blocks that had been intended for some kind of rainbow quilt, but that never happened, and I was able to add to them and make them into  some cushion covers. Those crabs huh? LOVE.

quilted aqua cushion


Aqua / teal is a hard one to work with – so many different shades! Love them all.

quilted pink cushion 2


The pink one is easily my favourite. It gives the room a big pop of colour, it goes really well with the other cushion covers and the quilting. OH THE QUILTING. Let’s discuss.

quilted pink cushion 1


I wanted to try this circular spiral style quilting for ages, I’ve seen it done several times by others and have loved it but I was worried that I’d mess it up. I thought a cushion might work because it it much smaller and easier to manage. In the inner circles I had go slow and stop and shift the quilt top a lot, but once the circles got bigger it was much quicker and easier.  I love how it looks and hopefully I’ll be able to try it on a bigger quilt soon.

quilted blue cushion


I’m not done yet – I think yellow might be the next colour!

11 thoughts on “Quilted Cushions

  1. Will you do a tutorial for the scrap cushions? I want to learn to quilt and these might work to learn, Great as gifts also! 🙂 The spiral quilting is so cool.


    1. Hi Debbi, I don’t have a tutorial for this but I should do one – quite a few people have asked me!

  2. I absolutely LOVE LOVE these pillow. I know you don’t have a tutorial yet but could you just write what size we need to cut the fabric pieces and what size pillow form did you use. Thanks.

    1. Hi Debbie, sorry for the late reply but I have been offline over the holiday season. I used a pillow form that I bought at ikea. I use a variety of pillow forms in all different sizes – the trick with making cushions is to make the cover exactly the same size as whatever form you are using so the form will fill out the corners and make the cushion nice and plump. For the fabric pieces I used a scrappy methods and they are all different sizes. Sorry I can’t be more helpful!

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