Strawberry Mini Quilt

Mini Strawberry Quilt


I had noticed on Instagram recently that Make Modern Magazine were running a mini quilt competition (check it out on the hashtag #MMminimini) and so many cute quilts were popping up!

I was inspired to make one myself, mainly just to join in the fun, but also just to have a nice quick finish. I’ve been struggling with my sewing lately – I feel like there is so much else happening that I can’t get a run at it. I’ve got WIPs lying around everywhere but nothing is complete and it’s been making me feel a bit hopeless.

Paper pieced strawberry


I used the Sew Ichigo Strawberry Pattern which is also the first paper piecing project I ever did and I made it into a cushion cover – see it here.

I photocopied the pattern down by 50% which made a 3″ square strawberry. A little bit fiddly but it came out well and it only took me about 45 minutes from start to finish. Not bad considering I haven’t done any paper piecing for over a year and I’m very rusty!



I added a small border to square up the strawberry ready for binding, and quilted with a small cross hatch design using the width of my presser foot as a guide.

One mistake I made (I’ve done this before – when will I learn??) is that it doesn’t matter how big or small a quilt, binding should always be the same width! Duh. Looks OK on the front but the back is a bit of a disaster.

Nice to get a project done from start to finish! Now I really have to get a move on with my cushion covers  – I’ve got 4 waiting to be sewn up and they’ve been waiting a while…

7 thoughts on “Strawberry Mini Quilt

  1. Hi Ros, that is a very cute little strawberry!!! I’m glad you said the thing about the binding – I am making a minini myself and I did have a “how thick should the binding be?” moment.

    1. Thanks Hayley! Glad I could help, I always figure that if I’ve come up against a challenge or made a mistake, loads of other people have probably wondered about the same thing!

  2. Ros, that little strawberry mini quilt is as cute as can be! If I’d moved to China, I wouldn’t be getting anything accomplished. Well done!

  3. Hi! I would love the strawberry pattern! The link takes me to blueprint but gives me an error. I tried searching for it with no luck. Is there anywhere else I can get the pattern or do you have a better link? Thanks!!

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