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I’m working my way through a few projects at the moment but my progress is really slow.  Settling into Guangzhou has taken longer than I expected. We are happy here and life is good, but small things like grocery shopping are a challenge. These day to day challenges certainly eat into my sewing time!

We live in an apartment that is already furnished but I’d like to add a few things to make it feel a more like home. For me, that means COLOUR. Everything is very muted and brown and a bit hotel-like, so I’m hitting the stash to find some bright colour to inject into our living room.

These will become some cushions for the sofa.

WIP aqua cushion

WIP pink cushion


I’ve also joined the Winter Mug Rug 2016 swap that I saw on instagram recently, so I’ve made a start on that project. My partner likes the colour blue and she likes birds. Here’s what I’ve got so far. I love fussy cutting cute prints for hexies so I must get myself some of these templates.

WIP winter mug rug


Love those ladybirds!

I’m also plodding along with a rainbow quilt that I dreamed up. It’s simple but I’m experimenting with the blocks and the low volume borders. I don’t love it yet but I know it will look much better when the full top is done. I think my binding choice will really impact the final product so I’ll have to think hard about that.

WIP rainbow quilt


This project has made me realise how I have a terrible lack of green fabric in my stash! I have a lot of aqua and some lime greens, but no shades of darker / forest green. I don’t have much yellow either.

I hope you are getting lots of sewing done too!

8 thoughts on “My Current Projects

  1. Loving your projects! Could you tell me what type is the grey fabric you are using on the teal HST cushions? Can’t wait to see the rainbow quilt finished 🙂

    1. Hi Jayne, thanks so much 🙂 The grey fabric is Crosshatch in Grey by Carolyn Friedlander. It’s a favourite of mine!

  2. I’ve collected a few deep greens after striking a similar problem 🙂 I’ve found the colour dropper/picker tool that Thousands of Bolts have is really good. Find one you either like or have in your stash already, click the the little dropper on the right colour green and a couple more usually pop up. I tend to go for Tone on Tone prints so this is a perfect solution. Now if the A$:US$ exchange rate would improve a little………….. it would be dangerous! 😀

    1. I’ve never heard of that before! I’ll have to check it out! Oh I know – if only the exchange rate was better. I’m finding it really hard to find quilting fabric here and will have to order online.

  3. I’m loving the bright cushions.
    When I made a rainbow coloured quilt, I made a scrappy binding, using short strips (maybe 4-5 inches) of each of the coloured fabrics that I used in the quilt top. You can see it in the 3rd and 4th pictures here, if you are interested…
    I think this idea would suit your quilt, too.

    How big are the coloured squares? I may have a few scraps of green or yellow that I can send your way.

    1. That binding looks great! The cushions have been so slow…I’m no further along, struggling to get sewing projects done lately.

      Thanks for your offer of coloured squares – I have enough for this quilt but in general my stash is lacking decent greens and yellows! An excuse to buy some 🙂

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