Five Things I Want In My New Sewing Room

Aaaaahhhhhhhh I have a sewing room in our new apartment!!!! **waves hands around like Kermit**

sew delicious sewing space
My previous sewing area

I’m just a little bit excited….until now I’ve been set up in a corner of our dining room.  (You can see that space here.) There was plenty of room and I was very happy there, but it will be nice to have a little space all of my own.

We moved to our permanent apartment two weeks ago and it has a study which I will set up once all my gear arrives. I also have a starting putting together a wish list of things I want to set up the space just as I’d like.

Here are five things I’m hoping to have as part of my new set up!

Ikea Raskog

Lots of you will be familiar with this one – it’s been a popular addition to craft rooms for a while now! Buying this will also be easy for me – that’s one of the problems with moving to a new country – sometimes I’m not sure where to go to buy simple things. Ikea is familiar and the same everywhere in the world!

ikea raskog

Big Glass Jars

These are great for scraps and ribbons and a pretty way to display items but keep them handy and within reach. I think I’ll need 3-5 of these.

large glass jar

Quilting Design wall

I have lusted after a design wall for a long time but putting it up on the wall in a common area is not ideal. Now that I have an actual room with several blank walls I could even have two! I was entertaining the idea of making my own, but perhaps buying this one would save me a ton of time and it’s collapsible and can be easily packed away. Hmmm decisions….

quilting design wall

Spool Holder

One thing I wasn’t able to have shipped to China was my wonderful peg board. *sobs* I’ll need an alternative for thread storage but I won’t need much. I Marie Kondo‘ed the crap out of my thread stash before I packed it up and my New Year’s Resolution is ONLY BUY GOOD THREAD. Thank goodness my friend Melissa runs a brilliant Aurifil Club.  This little thread holder will be a lovely way to display my spools and keep them handy.

spool holder

Vintage Sewing Wall Art

Practical storage solutions are one thing…but it will be nice to decorate the room too. How fabulous is this vintage style Singer Sewing Machine poster? At US$8.95 it’s a steal and the perfect way to pretty up my new room!

sewing vintage poster


Once everything arrives and I get all set up, I’ll share some pictures.

Do you have any storage or organisation tools in your sewing space that you’d recommend?

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18 thoughts on “Five Things I Want In My New Sewing Room

    1. You are so right Pam! I will be devastated to leave it behind but that’s a few years down the track so I will embrace it with enthusiasm until then!!

  1. Glad you’re back, Ros! Congratulations on a sewing room for yourself. I have 2 of the aqua Raskog carts in my craft room and you will LOVE it! I’m looking forward to seeing what you whip up next!

    1. Thanks Kris it’s great to be back! I CANNOT WAIT to get back into some sewing. I’ve been spending a lot of time on pinterest and planning what I’d like to make next!

  2. It’ll be exciting to see your new space! I’ve wanted that Raskog forever! I have to wait till we move in to a bigger space.

  3. Woo hoo!!! Sewing rooms are the BEST!!! I recommend a few hooks around the place to store your cutters/shears/rulers. Up high is good to keep them out of reach of little hands 😉 My other favourite thing is my Ikea gate leg table which Craig put on castors for me and is an awesome cutting table and easily packed away (when it’s not covered in stuff). It was a bit of a splurge but totally worth it!

  4. So glad to see you back. Can’t wait to see your room. I have two sewing rooms upstairs, one is my studio and the other is for fabric, crafts etc. I have sewing machines in both rooms, so I can sew where ever which is nice. I will certainly hate to loose this space. Need to get a few more thing like the aqua raskog. Thanks for sharing.

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