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triangle quilt


On a whim this weekend I decided to shop my stash and make a triangle quilt! It is destined to be a Christmas gift – I’m loving that bright ‘punch in the face’ pink neon.  Only problem – it’s a LOT of cutting and I’ve had to take a break due to a very sore upper arm. *sad face* Hopefully I’ll get the top laid out and stitched within the week.

Excellent finds this week – many quilt related….

I got teary reading this BBC article – an elderly British man talks about the precious quilt his family was sent in a Care package in 1945 after the end of WW2.

Did you see Jackie in the newspaper talking about the Quilt Blocks to Heal Violence project? So proud of her!

Have you heard of Project Life? It’s a style of scrapbooking that is super popular…but I love buying the kits as a cheap and stylish alternative to cards. They make fabulous note cards to slip into gifts, bee blocks, swap gifts and I’ve even used them as invitations. You get several hundred cards in a set – great value!

project life

Loved this simple but gorgeous half rectangle triangle baby quilt by Kitchen Table Quilting. Great scrap buster – love her colours.

If you are starting to prepare for the holidays, this round up of over 100 Christmas cookies will be a great place to start!

Kindle Deals…curl up this weekend with a good book!

The Midwife’s Revolt by Jodi Daynard  $14.95   $1.99

Set in 1775 during the Revolutionary War, Lizzie wakes to find Charleston burning and soon discovers her husband has been killed. She moves to a new town and her midwifery skills are discovered and in demand, but she soon becomes entangled in a new political conspiracy that threatens her new life.

The Food Lover’s Guide To Paris by Patricia Wells   $12.77   $2.82

Former restaurant critic and an authority on French cuisine, Patricia Well’s guide to Paris is a great short cut for anyone visiting on vacation and wanting to sample the best restaurants, bistros, bars, bakeries and markets of the French Capital.

Mr Darcy Takes A Wife by Linda Berdoll  $13.01   $1.99

One of the better Pride & Prejudice ‘sequels’. (There are many and I’ve read A LOT of them!) It’s always fun to see how other authors imagine what came next for Lizzie & Darcy, not to mention the rest of the Bennet family.

Happy Reading! Have a lovely weekend!

spring racing clutch 14

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6 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. The feather print goes great with the pinks.

    It was nice to read the old man’s story and see that donated quilts really do have an impact on peoples lives.

    1. Thanks – I love that feather print, a gem from good old Spotty.

      Although I suspect the quilt’s makers are no longer with us, I hope their families come across this story somehow and learn what a beautiful legacy the makers left and how special it was for that British family. Heartwarming. xx

  2. I read that BBC story too. It was timely, given Jackie’s #quiltblockstohealviolence, as a reminder of how even the smallest gesture can stay with someone for the rest of their life.

  3. You are brilliant! I bought a set of cards and an album a couple of years ago. It has just been sitting there. I don’t have the little plastic sleeves and honestly, the motivation to do it. I’ll sell the album (of gift!) and keep the cards to use as you suggest! Man you are amazing!!

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