A Quilt Made by My Friends

So now that I’ve finally been able to reveal the details of my move (phew!) I can finally share a few other things including this quilt!

tictactoe 8


You may remember earlier this year I shared these tic tac toe blocks that I’d chosen for my beehive group. The beehive girls were wonderful and they all sent some fantastic blocks, but it wasn’t enough for a whole quilt. I confided in my friend Abby that I really wanted to finish the quilt before I moved but I was worried I wouldn’t be able to power through making so many blocks.

tic tac toe 4 blocks


Armed with this information, Abby snuck off and arranged a big group of our online sewing friends to make a block and send it to me!!! All of a sudden they started arriving in my mail box…and within 6 weeks I had enough to complete my quilt!

tictactoe 6


They also contributed to a voucher to pay for my quilt to be long armed, and it’s currently off at Ladybug Quilting being done! So exciting.

tictactoe 5


To Abby for organising this, and to all of my wonderful friends and my Beehive who contributed to this quilt A HUGE THANK YOU. It is very special to me and I will cherish it.

I look forward to sharing the finished quilt very soon!

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