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Happy Friday!

To celebrate Halloween or not? That seems to be a pretty popular question these days. Our family have never celebrated, my Dad was always in the “It’s an American tradition, we don’t do that in Australia!” camp but I always secretly wanted to. Every year it gets bigger and bigger here.

Here are a couple of cool Halloween finds for this week:

Love this Zombie Bear Paw cushion tutorial by Gnome Angel. Great way to add some pretty Halloween decor to the house.

Image courtesy of Gnome Angel


How freaking adorable is this baby dragon costume?! If my kids were still little I’d probably make them wear it all year around!

dinky dragon

Other finds and news from this week:

Abby from Things for Boys is having another round of The Selfish Swap – this time it’s a holiday theme. Great way to set some time aside and sew for yourself.

Screw finding your passion. Great article by Mark Manson.

I saw these mini crock pots on Facebook the other day and realised I NEED ONE IMMEDIATELY. Then I better buy 10 more because they would be brilliant Christmas gifts.

mini crock pot


I think I started reading blogs because I found women’s magazines completely tedious and judgemental. This article “A List of Things I Wish Women’s Magazines Would Publish” made me laugh.

Kindle Deals for all you avid readers

A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall  $9.18  $2.81

Follows the college romance of Gabe & Lea, the story is told from the view point of 14 different characters including a creative writing teacher, the local barista, his roommate, and a squirrel in the park.

Call The Nurse: True Stories of a Country Nurse on A Scottish Isle by Mary J MacLeod $11.98 $1.99

The memoir of Mary Macleod, who together with her young family leave the fast pace of London for an island in the Scottish Hebrides, where she assumes duties as the island’s district nurse.

She Wore Only White by Dorthe Binkert    $10.72    $4.99

The story of Valentina, who stows away on a trans-atlantic ship at the turn of the 20th century, hoping for a better life in America.

They all look great but I love a good memoir so Call The Nurse is downloading on my iPad as we speak!

Have a great weekend and happy halloween! I’ll leave you with one more super cute costume….a lobster!!! Love it.

lobster costume

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2 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. In our house it’s a big NO for Halloween celebrations. We will be going out to dinner tonight, so we don’t even have to worry about pretending we are not home just in case anyone comes trick or treating 😀

    Of course I joke, but, like most jokes, it’s funny because it’s true.

    Not that I would really expect anyone to come to the door – for most families that I know that celebrate Halloween, trick or treating is a pre-arranged event at friends places who have already agreed to be home and hand out treats.

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