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I hope you’ve had a great week! Final week of term 3 here and I’m excited for a break from routine. The holidays won’t be quiet for us though – we have a jam packed schedule!

I confess – we have been addicted to The Bachelor here. And I’m not the one to blame. My husband is. He loves it. More particularly – he loves to heckle it. It is one of those shows that you love to hate.

Anyway thanks to the magic of blogging and the internet I am actually writing this before the BIG FINALE – who will he choose? Lana? Snez? (Since Heather left I don’t honestly care.) Whatever the outcome, Rosie’s recaps on Mamamia have kept me laughing. Hopefully they’ll screen the most recent US series here soon. Meanwhile we are watching UnReal. Hilarious and so, so dark.

I’m currently reading this book. John Green really knows how to write teenage characters. Brilliant writing, but pass the tissues. *sobs*

This cassette tapes mini quilt by Lysaflower takes me right back to the 80s when I used to sit on the floor in my room and make my own mixed tapes by pouncing on the record button whenever a favourite song came up on the Rick Dee’s Top 40 Countdown.

How great are these rose shaped apple pies? The video makes it look so easy.

Fab Kindle Deals (as of 18th September 2015)

I know lots of you love to read as much as I do and I often stumble on some great kindle books that are on sale (I use the kindle app on my iPad) so I though you might like me to share them.  Aussies – unfortunately not all these specials are available when you click through to the AU store, but I checked and most are.

Wayward Pines series by Blake Crouch $14.95 $1.45 each

Mystery thriller series set in a small town in Idaho. Now a hugely successful TV series starring Matt Dillon and produced by M. Night Shyamalan. Great reviews and I love a good mystery, can’t wait to read these ones!

The Royal We by Heather Cocks & Jessica Morgan  $7.99 $2.15

Chick lit of the highest order – Princess Kate & Price William fan fiction! Perfect beach read and has awesome reviews.

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee $10.99 $4.75

With all the hype over Go Set A Watchman‘s release, you might be keen to go back and revisit the original. You won’t be disappointed. I recently re-read it after studying it back in high school and enjoyed it so much more the second time around.


A Year In The Life of A Playground Mother by Christie Barlow $4.00 99c

For those of you with primary school aged kids and those who’ve been there, this book promises to give you some great laughs.

Happy reading (or Bachelor finale watching!) Look out for my first Book Club post next week!

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  1. That cassette quilt is amazing. I too made mix tapes and can still remember the “Rick Dees and the week-ly top 40” jingle! Gotta make those Apple roses too – so cute.

    1. Oh yes that jingle! So funny – soundtrack to my youth 🙂 I can’t wait to make the apple roses!

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