Five Essential Sewing Tools

Five essential sewing tools

These are the five essential sewing tools I use ALL THE TIME. I consider them absolute essentials and they are the tools I reach for during every project.

Olfa 45mm rotary cutter. I pretty much never use scissors, I use my rotary cutter for everything. I also have a smaller version, which is great for patchwork.

 Clover Wonder Clips. These are the best for awkward jobs that can’t be pinned easily, binding a quilt, or keeping a stack of blocks together when assembling a quilt in rows.

Stork Embroidery Scissors. These little snippers clip every stray thread, every chain pieced block, every hand sewn thread and are just an all around necessity. Super pretty too.

Combicut Seam Ripper and Tweezer tool. I bought this at a craft show several years ago. The seam ripper is very strong (I find the cheaper ones break so easily!) and the tweezer tool at the other end is brilliant when you have a cheeky thread that just won’t come out after you’ve ripped.

White Thread. I rarely switch colours these days. I have been using Rasant or Aurifil lately, it seems to agree with my machine very happily, although I do use the super cheap stuff from time to time.

What would you add to my list?

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One thought on “Five Essential Sewing Tools

  1. My acrylic ruler, and my acrylic ruler with Olfa cutter. I was just given that as a gift and now I wonder how I lived without it. Plus my super big Birch cutting mat, an essential, along with my walking foot and magnetic pin pad…….oh gosh aren’t sewing notions gorgeous, a bit like stationery, we always want more. I pour over the catalogues and devour American catalogues like “Keepsakesake Quilting” who have a superb range. 🙂

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