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To celebrate Father’s Day, which is coming up in a few weeks, this lanyard tutorial is one that has all the Dads in mind. Men can sometimes be a little bit tricky to sew for, but in my family I can be sure that anything related to AFL football is a winner when it comes to a gift for either my husband, my brother or my Dad.

Of course, AFL footy doesn’t have to be the theme of your lanyard – any team colours would be great, or even just use two fabrics you really love.

This project was made easier by the lettering functions on my Brother NV1800Q machine, which has a few different fonts to choose from. Have you ever used the lettering functions on your machine? If not, give it a try! It’s a great way to personalise a gift, make quilt labels or even name labels to sew into school uniforms.

For this lanyard project, you need:

  • Two fabrics in team colours, one for the interior which the letters will be sewn onto, and one for the exterior.
  •  One D-ring
  • One lobster clasp (seen in below picture) or carabiner clip (seen in the picture above)
  • Pins or wonder clips

You can print this tutorial as a PDF which is available here on the Brother Australia website.

lanyard materials

1. Cut your interior fabric into 1 1/2″ wide by 32″ long. Cut your exterior fabric 3 1/2″ wide by 32″ long.

2. Decide on your message, team name or personalised words and have a couple of practice runs of sewing it on some scrap fabric. Once you are happy, use your interior fabric piece and carefully stitch your lettering to the fabric.

lanyard lettering

3. Snip off any stray threads from the lettering stitches and very gently press with a cool iron.

4. Take your exterior piece and press one of the long sides in 1/4″. Press in again 1/4″ to conceal the raw edge. Repeat for the other long side.

5. Slide the interior fabric into the exterior piece so the pressed edges fold neatly over the raw edges.

lanyard 3

6. Use pins or wonder clips to hold the two pieces together. I personally find wonder clips much easier and less fiddly for this project.

lanyard 4

 7. Carefully top stitch down each folded edge of the exterior fabric, leaving 1 1/2″ unstitched at either end.

lanyard 5

8. Slip the D ring onto the lanyard.

lanyard 6

9. Flip open each end of the exterior fabric and put right sides together.  Stitch the ends and fold back into place. This step might be a little fiddly. Repeat for interior fabric.

lanyard 7

10. It might look a bit messy (see below pic). Press and topstitch where the ends are now secure.

lanyard 11

11. Hang around your neck and adjust so that the lanyard sits correctly. Move the D ring to where the ends have been stitched together and stitch just above it to secure it in place.

12. Add the lobster clasp or carabiner clip.


You are finished! Now you can use the lanyard for keys, season tickets or work security passes. I hope it’s a winner for Father’s Day in your family! (Or change it up as a gift for anyone!)

lanyard 9

Happy Father’s Day and Happy Sewing! Don’t forget you can get a printable PDF for this projects and many more over at the Brother website.

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