Handmade Baby Bibs

Handmade Baby Bibs

One of the gorgeous ladies from my Mother’s group has just had a brand new baby girl! YAY! Sewing for babies was once my mainstay but these days the projects are few and far between.  Needless to say, I love any excuse to do some bub related stitching.

I’ve got a couple of other possible projects to make for her, but first up I chose some bibs. I’m all for practicality when it comes to baby gifts.

Handmade baby bibs pattern

First up I pulled a couple of nice coordinating fabrics  -a blue feather print from Spotlight (purchased maybe last year?) and a pretty pink polka dot. I have my bib pattern cut and ready to go on some old scrapbooking card, which makes it easy for use over and over. (And as a bonus, how pretty is that paper?! Very Scandi.)

Handmade baby bibs

My bib making process is very basic, here is a quick baby bibs tutorial –

  • Use the bib template and cut a square of the print fabric so the bib pattern will fit within.
  • Cut the same sized square from a piece of soft polar fleece fabric.
  • Trace the bib pattern onto the wrong side of the print (I use a frixion pen or washable marker)
  • Put the polar fleece and cotton print right sides together and pin in a few spots.
  • Sew around the outline you’ve marked with the pen. Leave a 5cm / 2″ gap for turning.
  • Turn inside out and press.
  • Topstitch around the edge of the bib, securing the turning gap.
  • Add snaps or buttons.


Kam snap press

A few years back I used to sell some handmade goods on Etsy and baby bibs were my biggest seller. I wanted to make sure they had a nice professional finish so I bought a Kam snap press kit like this one and it has been brilliant.

The pattern I use is kind of a franken-pattern that has evolved over the years, but you can easily find a lot of free printable bib patterns around the web. A quick google or pinterest search will pull something up for you. If you want something a bit bigger than the ones I’ve made, the Things For Boys mega bib free pattern is awesome.

What are your go-to baby gifts?

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  1. Gorgeous! Love the fabrics you chose! I’m seriously considering getting a snap press. My go to baby gifts a little harem pants

    1. Thanks Jen! The snap press has been great – I’ve used it a lot to add snaps to kids clothes. Much easier than buttons, especially for little fingers. xx

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