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So many people were interested and read my “What I’m Into” post from last week that I kind of felt like “Phew! I don’t have to post about sewing all the time!” Of course I love posting about sewing, but I’m interested in so many things and I like to share them. I thought I’d write up the cool stuff I find and share it on Fridays. Here is what I’ve enjoyed this week.

  • Do you love watching The Bachelor? The Bachelorette? I confess I tune in occasionally but I watch with loathing. I’ve heard huge things about Unreal, a comedy/drama that takes a look behind the scenes of a dating reality show. Apparently it’s humour is very dark and the cynic in me that makes me hate watch these shows will adore it. Can’t wait. Both my husband (who loves watching The Bachelor, both Aussie & US versions!!) and I have it next on our to-watch list.
  • I’ve just finished reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. It’s been a game changer for me. Sometimes the right book comes along at the right time, and I found that I was reading along just shouting (in my head!) YES!YES! The premise is that Gretchen Rubin realised she wasn’t feeling as happy as she could be in her day to day life, but didn’t want to do make a grandiose change like others (think Eat Pray Love) in order to make positive changes. Each chapter she outlines 3-4 small things she tackles in her life to make her happier.

I borrowed a copy from the library but I plan to buy it. It’s a book I see becoming a bit of a bible for me and I know I’ll refer back to it time and time again, and will probably buy copies as gifts for friends and family.  If I could recommend one book for you to read this year it would be The Happiness Project. You won’t regret it.

  • I’ve needed a perpetual calendar to record birthdays. I’m terrible at remembering and I like to have a bit of lead time so I can send a card in the mail (snail mail is so underrated! I adore getting snail mail.) I also hate using phone apps or reminders for that stuff. It needs to be written down in front of my face! Problem – it is really hard to find perpetual calendars. I googled until I could google no more. Etsy had a few but they were mainly printables. Thumbs down. Finally Kikki K came through with the goods, and like everything they sell, it is super gorgeous. This is the one I bought.

What about you? Have you been watching The Bachelor? Have you read The Happiness Project? Do calendar and reminder apps work for you or are you still (like me) a paper based do-list writer and diary keeper?

Have a great weekend! x

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

9 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. Read that Mindy Kaling article yesterday and loved it – very much looking forward to the reading the whole book! I can absolutely recommend Unreal – it was great.
    I actually own The Happiness Project but have never gotten around to reading it – after reading how much you loved it, will have to try it out.
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Emma! Can’t wait to read Mindy’s new book, I read the one from a few years ago and enjoyed it. Can’t wait to watch Unreal! Saw that Janine from series 1&2 of House of Cards is one of the main characters. Hope you enjoy The Happiness Project! Ros x

  2. I tried watching The Bachelor … what a train wreck! I haven’t done much reading these days, but I’ll bookmark your suggestion … you never know when a beach holiday might magically appear in my schedule (hint, hint husband!)

    1. Oh it’s so cringe worthy isn’t it! I just wonder, as a woman, why on earth you would apply to be a contestant on the show?! I guess many have hopes of media careers/ modelling contracts, but UGH. I would be devastated if my daughters ever thought that was the way to promote yourself. Or maybe I’m too judgemental? Fingers crossed you get a nice beach holiday soon! The Happiness Project would be a great holiday read. xx

  3. Thanks for the recommendation Ros! Lucky me – we’re heading to the Barossa for our 10 year wedding anniversary in a month’s time so I’ve bought that book coz I’ve got some serious child-free aeroplane time heading my way – woo!!

    1. Ooh nice, enjoy the Barossa! Have a glass of wine for me 😉 Have a wonderful trip and enjoy the book. (I’m sure you will – it’s really good!)

  4. Oh, I wish I knew where my books are, you could have my Happiness project (Reno house of missing things). I liked parts of it, but actually found it hard to get through.

    1. It’s certainly not for everybody! I think it came along at the right time for me. I need to make some changes and it was a great launching pad.

      1. I did like some of her ideas, but I felt terribly overwhelmed just reading it. I need a personal assistant…or a holiday…or both.

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