Friday Finds

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How has your week been? Mine has been the usual brand of crazy but now I’m relaxing up at our friend’s farm in the Snowy Mountains. Freezing outside, roaring fire and a glass of wine inside – bliss.

Here are this week’s Friday finds:

  • I’ve recently finished reading Skyfaring: A Journey with A Pilot by Mark Vanhoenacker. He is a pilot with British Airways and his book is a very relaxing read all about his experiences flying. We are about to embark on a lot of air travel in the next 12 months and this book was exactly what I needed – I am a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to flying (I never used to be until I had children) but the beautiful poetic prose of his writing and his deep love for aircraft and air travel has certainly made me less anxious. There are some very technical explanations which left me a bit bored in some chapters, but well worth a read, especially if you are a nervous flyer like me. Plus he shares a lot of interesting stories and facts.
  • I made this sauce to have with some salmon for dinner last week and my husband decided we should EAT IT EVERYDAY ON ALL THE DINNERS. Ha! But he is right, it it incredibly delicious.

Have a great weekend! Happy Sewing!

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