Fish Bowl One Hour Basket

Last weekend I whipped up a scrappy one hour basket as a gift for my Mum. She has been doing a bit of quilting lately and needs to have somewhere to stash her fat quarters.

One Hour Basket

I’ve made a few of these now (you can see my quilt-as-you-go version here and my selvedge version here) and it’s a fun project to use different quilting methods and fabric combinations. If you want to make you own you can find the tutorial as a free PDF download here.

One Hour Basket

I used some fabric I had lying around after other projects – larger sized scraps. The strips are cut at the same width as my quilting ruler (very technical process – ha!) and sewn together, then trimmed down to the size of the panel.

One Hour Basket

To add extra structure and allow this basket to stand up on it’s own without sagging, I made a quilt sandwich with the fabric exterior, batting and home dec weight fabric (nothing fancy – it is not seen). I added some quilting (this time just simple straight lines vertically) and I find this gives the basket shape but is not too bulky to sew through layers later.

One Hour Basket

The reason it’s called the fish bowl one hour basket…the lining! I had this gold fish print canvas from Spotlight (purchased maybe 18 months ago but I have seen it still in stores recently.) It’s such a fun feature for the inside of the basket and it definitely does seem like they are swimming around in there!

One Hour Basket

The handles are made from a magenta shot cotton and again, I stiffened these a little more with a scrap of batting added to the inside and some quilting lines.

Lots of people have asked me “Does it really take an hour?” Yes. The cutting, construction and finishing do take an hour or less. BUT if you want to add some creativity to your exterior with patchwork or incorporating quilt blocks or paper pieced designs, that will be the element that takes much longer. This one probably took about 1 hour 30 minutes, and my previous baskets took much longer as there is a lot more detail in the patchwork.

Now I’m off to watch another episode of The Bletchley Circle. Brilliant show. Am devastated there are only 7 episodes. Waaaaah!

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  1. this is really cute! I haven’t made one of these baskets yet – I’m hoping to have a good reason to do one soon!

  2. I don’t see a problem with making things easier by using the width/length of your ruler to cut pieces 🙂 The basket looks awesome!

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