I Blame Netflix

Hello! Long time between posts. I’m just about to welcome my husband home after a month working overseas. In the past 12 months he has worked internationally for almost 6 months. We are all exhausted. Hopefully this trip will be the last for a long time.

Single parents, partners of military personnel and FIFO workers and all of you that regularly do long stints without your partners, you are my heroes.  Seriously if I could I would come over to all of your houses and hand deliver a homemade lasagne, a chocolate cake and a bottle of wine.

rainbow cross quilt front and back

I’ve been doing a bit of sewing but I don’t have any pictures and no finished projects. My dining room looks like a football team has had a brawl in a patchwork shop so it’s time for some serious cleaning. I often find that I’m more inspired once I return everything into it’s place and I can start to work from a clean desk.

Winter is well and truly here and just after my husband went away I subscribed to Netflix. Which is basically the reason the sewing room has been ignored.  My US readers will laugh – Netflix is old news for you – but in Australia it’s only just arrived and I’m thrilled. I love a good binge watch and what could be better than hopping into my nice warm bed once the kids are asleep and watching back to back episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine? (This is not sponsored. I just like the service and I’m still in the honeymoon period of WATCHING ALL THE SHOWS!)

fabric choices polka dots

So far I’ve watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt series 1 (excellent and hilarious), most of Chef’s Table (fab if you are interested in foodie programs. Best episodes are Niki Nakayama and Francis Mallman, weird guy but I loved the incredible landscape shots of Patagonia.) I’ve also watched series 1 of Brooklyn Nine Nine (so funny) and a few movies. Really excited for Orange Is The New Black series 3 which comes out next week!

If I order my groceries online, I probably never need to leave the house again…

how to shorten a zipper triangle pouch sq crop

So what about you? Any good series on Netflix that you can recommend to me? And if you are solo parenting right now, high fives and fist bumps to you.

Better go and pump up some Iggy Azalea and clean the sewing room…wish me luck.

18 thoughts on “I Blame Netflix

  1. No Netflix here Ros but I can totally relate to the brawl in the fabric shop. Heaps of wedding crafting going on and my dining table is always covered. We squish it up to one side just so we can have dinner.

  2. I hate it when my husband goes away for work. I have so much admiration for people who are single parents or whose partners are away regularly. My sewing has gone down hill recently too – I also blame Netflix….and our new rescue cat who has a habit of curling up in my lap completely dissolving all my motivation to get up and do stuff. She also attacks my knitting (which is hardly a surprise, given she’s a cat)!

    Good luck with the clean up!

  3. Netflix is my favorite part of life. Living alone, I always have the TV on so that there’s some noise so Netflix is my companion (in addition to Neo, of course) while I do everything. Daredevil is SO GOOD but a little more dark than I thought it would be. I also am loving Arrow (it’s a current tv show, too – like Brooklyn Nine Nine, but there are three seasons on Netflix now).

    1. I’ve seen a bit of Arrow on regular TV here but haven’t really gotten into it. Will have to check out Daredevil, I’ve noticed that it’s pretty popular! x

  4. I can totally realte to the joys of Netflix. It arrived here in Switzerland earlier this year and I’ve been hooked ever since. We rarely ever did regular TV, I would record a few shows and then forget to watch them but now I love that I can catch up on shows I missed on Netflix and jsut watch them back to back as I sew or relax at the end of the day.

  5. haha! We are in the same situation! Cold weather and the excitement of new netflix!!! I’ve just started Mad Men. It’s one of the few things I’m allowed to watch without the hubby. It’s not the most gripping, but I think it will get better as the season goes on. And it’s worth it for the outfits.

    1. I’ve been watching series 5 of Mad Men on Netflix…soooo depressing! I’m struggling to keep going but I will see it through, I’m keen to get to the final season (even though I’ve read loads of spoilers online!)

  6. Funnily I’ve just started watching Friends again from Season 1 (now up to 3). Cracks me up with the fashion, dated references and one liners. And to think it was TOTALLY cool when I watched it first time around.

    1. Ahh early episodes of Friends! Funny – I recently saw early episodes of Sex & The City and thought the same thing! So dated! I feel old.

    1. Ha it’s dangerous! I’ve only got 6 months to enjoy it before we move so I figure 6 months is a good period of time to get my fill then cancel the subscription! x

  7. I haven’t logged in to Netflix but my children have and they love it, however I’m beginning to think they love it a bit too much. Maybe ince I’ve gotten my sewing area under control I might give it a whirl.
    I hope your husband is back soon, if not already. My husband has also travelled for work and I agree with you, single parents and those who have to parent solo while their spouse is away are my heroes too. It’s hard and exhausting and doing it 24/7 on your own is definitely worth a lasagne, chocolate cake and a bottle of wine; a medal wouldn’t go astray either.

  8. That sounds like you have enjoyed some Netflix (blue bloods is great!!) and are about to have a busy time with you family. I have a question for you; we are visiting Melbourne (from Europe) in August / September. Do you have recommendations for local crafting shops we should visit? We have visited M. quite frequently, but this is the first time we really have the time to explore and spend time on our crafting hobbies 🙂

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