How To Sew A Selvedge Panel – Tutorial

After making my One Hour Basket using selvedges last week I had lots of readers keen for me to share how I sewed up the selvedges into a panel to be able to use them for projects.

Here are all the details and step by step pictures so you can make some awesome selvedge projects.

how to sew selvages together

To make a panel for any project – bag, basket, zipper pouch – I start with my selvedges and a layer of batting and a layer of fabric. I use home dec weight or canvas so the panels are sturdy and will hold their shape.

Cut your batting and fabric into pieces with an extra inch to allow for shrinking and trimming. For example, if your pattern calls for 10″ x 8″ piece of fabric, cut these pieces 11″ x 9″.

When cutting selvedges from fabric, I recommend keeping about an inch of the print if you can. That adds colour to the project, gives some extra room to stitch onto making the project less fiddly, and also allows you to see what the fabric originally was.

I also recommend pressing your selvedges to give them a nice crisp finish.

how to sew selvages

You can sew them anyway you like – vertical, horizontal. I like to sew mine on the diagonal. I start off with a triangular scrap of fabric.

selvedge panel 1

Selvedges do not fray on their edges, so I lay my first one along the triangle edge. Make sure there is overlap to enclose the raw edge of the triangle.

selvedge panel 2

Stitch down along the selvedge edge to secure. Overlap with your next fabric and repeat.

selvedge panel 4

When you add each new piece, make sure there is overhang over the sides. This will make sure there are no gaps or weak points in your final trimmed panel.

When you get to the corner, cut another triangle. As there are two raw edges on this piece, flip your triangle and sew with right sides together to enclose it.

selvedge panel 6

You untrimmed finished panel will look like this. A bit messy, but that is good.

selvedge panel 7

Flip it over and carefully trim it up with a ruler and rotary cutter. It will come out lovely and neat  like these.

selvedge panel 10

And that is it! You can make these any shape or size for all kinds of projects. It’s a great way to use up scraps and a nice reminder of all your favourite fabrics.

I used these panels to sew up a simple zipper pouch.

selvedge zipper pouch

selvedge zipper pouch 3

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25 thoughts on “How To Sew A Selvedge Panel – Tutorial

    1. Thanks Pam! The print adds some nice colour and the extra width makes it much easier to sew with.

  1. Thanks, Ros! I’ve steered away from trying this because I had it backwards in my mind. This is too easy!

  2. Thank for the tutorial. I love all things selvage. I save all my selvages even the parts where there is no writing. I think you’ve given me the knowledge to finally use my precious selvage strips.

    Do you use the parts with no writing in your projects or do you feel that looks too plain and uninteresting?

  3. This is wonderful. Can you please illustrate how to sew the zipper in and the side seams, so it make this bag. Thank you. Marika

    1. Hi Marika, you’ll find that info in this tutorial here -

      Happy sewing!

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