Embroidery Hoop Storage Pockets – Tutorial

In partnership with Brother Australia
In some exciting news for Sew Delicious, this year I am partnering with Brother Australia to design a series of sewing projects. In order for me to get to know them and their products, Brother have supplied me with a fantastic new sewing machine – an NV1800Q. It’s fancy. I’m having a lovely time getting to know it and all it’s functions, and while I do, I’m sharing the first project I’ve made for the #brotherinspires campaign.You might like to download to the PDF for this project – you can find it here on the Brother website.

You need:

– A 10″ bamboo embroidery hoop
– Back fabric (aqua), ย quilt batting & felt: 12″ x 13″
– Pocket fabric (grey) 12″ x 9″
– Pin magnet strip fabric (yellow) 12″ x 4″
– 1 long magnetic strip 1/2″ wide (available from office supply stores)
– Fabric marker
– Fabric glue
– Iron and ironing board
1. Lay the backing fabric over the cotton batting (which provides added structure for the project). Place the hoop over the top and trace an outline around the outside of the embroidery hoop.
2. Take the felt and trim to the exact size of the embroidery hoop. Set aside.
3. Fold the raw edge of the pocket fabric over 1/4 inch. Press with an iron. Fold another 1/4″ to enclose the raw edge, and top stitch with a simple straight stitch.
4. Using the guideline of the marked hoop outline, place your pocket fabric and select the tools you’d like to keep in the hoop storage pockets. Use them to carefully mark with pins where the pockets will be sewn.


5. Using a straight stitch, sew from the topstitching down past the marker outline of the hoop to create the pockets. Trim the edges so they overhang the hoop by at least an inch.
6. Take the yellow fabric for the magnetic pin strip and press it in half. Open out and press the raw edges into the middle crease.
7. Slip the magnetic strip into the folded fabric strip.
8. Fold the fabric strip so the magnet is enclosed and topstitch close to the edge of both sides of the fabric strip. You may need to carefully manipulate your magnet out of the way to manoeuvre your presser foot over the magnet.
9. Align the magnetic strip with the pockets so you are happy with the placement.
10. Unscrew the hoop fastener and remove the outer hoop. Lay the fabric over the inner hoop and secure with the outer hoop. Adjust placement if you need to, then tighten the hoop fastener to secure the fabric in place.
11. Flip your project over and press the excess fabric towards the inside of the hoop. Make sure your felt piece fits to conceal the raw edges but cannot be seen from the front view of the hoop.
(I did not have one piece of felt large enough so I pieced two together by using a small zig zag stitch.)
12. Stick the felt into place using the fabric glue. Leave to dry.
13. Insert your sewing tools into the pockets and display in your craft area!



This is such a fun project! Make sure you share a picture with me if you decide to make one.For more tutorials and all the latest news from Sew Delicious, don’t miss my newsletter – sign up here!

Please note: I was compensated to create this project. I only work with brands that I think are a great fit for my blog. For more information you can check out my disclosure statement.


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