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Between work, kids, school holidays and an imminent overseas trip, I’ve managed to stay in my habit of sewing but not many projects are being finished. All in good time. You can’t rush the creative process… (Actually I find some of my best stuff is done under pressure with limited time!)

Here is a glimpse of what I’ve been working on lately.

Cross stitch blocks for bootcamp (tutorial here). I decided to go loud and neon for these ones and I love it…but now I’m not sure what else to do with these. A whole neon quilt with black background? Or just a cushion? Or incorporate these into something else? Any ideas?

My charm dash quilt is almost done – I’m about 3/4 done with the binding. I’ll be sharing the full quilt some time next week. It’s actually my first quilt finish for 2015!

I found some metallic silver denim at Spotlight last weekend so I whipped up a little zippy. When I finished I realised I wasn’t all that happy with the shape and the style, but never mind – it’s a great size to stash my phone and iPad charger and headphones for when we travel in a few weeks. Buying 50cm off a huge roll means I have heaps of denim left over to test out more fun pouches and other projects with it.

Friendship stars. These are much trickier than they look and were not popular in the bootcamp group! Still I love their look and I plan to play around with the block design and construction and see if I can make them work much better for me.

I have a tutorial in the works which will be published later this week, and I haven’t forgotten about the cushion sew along – I’ve got a design in mind but I’m agonising over my fabric choices. I think May will be a good month for the sew along, and once I set dates you’ll be the first to know!

6 thoughts on “Works In Progress

    1. Thanks!! With a few tweaks I'll get the shape right but the fabric combo is a winner. Those Cotton + Steel designers have their fingers on the pulse!

  1. Love the metallic denim! Did you buy it online? I've looked for it at our JoAnns but haven't found any, love the look of it.

    1. I bought it from Spotlight but haven't seen any online unfortunately. Hopefully you'll come across some soon, I think metallics are getting pretty popular at the moment!

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