When A Project Doesn’t Work Out

I had high hopes for this patchwork heart, I really did.

My plan was to finish sewing it up, pat myself on the back for how awesome it looks, then post all the details as a new tutorial on the blog.


Looks pretty good so far right?

Once I sewed it together I realised a few errors. I didn’t account for the fact that the seam allowances for the larger rows of small patchwork would significantly decrease the size of the row in comparison to the top and bottom that only required one seam.

My planning and design did not incorporate measurements for the patchwork, but rather a solid area without seams.
Is it a huge fail? No. Not at all. It actually looks quite good.

Is it good enough to write up a tutorial and publish it on my blog? No I don’t think so.

Accuracy is an issue (but those pink squares are only 1 1/2″ so it’s quite fiddly) but I’m sure I could overcome that with a few more attempts.

I’ve got some more ideas at how I could make this work as a future tutorial, but for now I’ve shelved the idea. I’ll still incorporate this little heart into some kind of project, maybe a panel for a zip pouch or part of a cushion top.

I just wanted to share this because I know that by the mere fact that I write and publish this blog I’m putting myself out there as someone who can sew, but I assure you I’m by no means an expert!

I think it’s good to share the hits as well as the misses. Try, try again and never say die!

13 thoughts on “When A Project Doesn’t Work Out

  1. Thanks for the honesty–it happens! Always a bummer, but I tend to remember what I learned from stuff I screwed up more readily than I remember stuff I learn without a mishap. Silver lining!

    1. I've been enjoying getting back to sewing actually, I haven't done much over the past few months and I've had a huge burst of energy with projects lately! Just got to finish some of them…

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