Quilty Projects in Progress

I’ve been stressing out that I’ve had no project finishes to share this week despite spending quite a lot of time sewing. Some projects are a long game and you just have to chip away at them bit by bit. And if I keep telling myself that maybe soon I’ll start to believe it and stop putting pressure on myself!

I’m at 14 of these raspberry kiss blocks with two more to go. (Block details in my last post.) The consensus on social media is that my last two should be yellow and green, although purple was another popular choice. What do you think?

While I’d love to make an entire quilt out of these I fear it would take forever so a cushion is what I’m thinking.

The Quilt Block Boot Camp Facebook group (please join, everyone is welcome!) that I established last week has had a huge response and over 100 people have joined! Very exciting and it’s been fantastic to watch all the different variations being shared. You can also join in on instagram – we are using the hashtag #quiltblockbootcamp.

I’ve chosen the Simple Heart block by Cluck Cluck Sew as the week 2 block, in honour of Valentine’s Day this week.

The quilt top in the tutorial only requires 20 blocks and I’ve done 3 so far. My goal is to make the whole quilt top this week using an aqua, pink and grey colour scheme. We’ll see. I’ll certainly have to buy some more white homespun.

Hopefully next week I’ll have a cushion or quilt top to show you. But if not you can be sure that I’m probably eating chocolate and avoiding the laundry!

5 thoughts on “Quilty Projects in Progress

  1. Have you considered using the rasberry kisses in a quilt, along with other blocks? Or on a pain background with the rasberry kisses as the highlight of the quilt?

    I'm impressed with how many people have joined up with boot camp. The heart block is very cute, and definitely appropriate for valentines day.

  2. Yep, if you're not quilting, eating chocolate and avoiding laundry are good alternatives! I really love those raspberry kiss blocks. I may have to add them to my (never-ending) list of blocks I want to make 🙂

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