Quilt Block Boot Camp

I’ve joined my first ever quilt bee! I’m part of one of the Beehive Swarms – I’m really excited about it AND I’m swarm leader (omg) so I’ve decided that I need to do some practice. Accuracy is a weak point for me so the last couple of days I’ve started putting myself through a quilty boot camp of sorts.

I’ve had a pile of squares cut from a bundle of Tsuru fabric I bought two years ago using a birthday voucher. I didn’t really want to make just a patchwork squares quilt, so I was waiting on an idea for something with a bit more detail and movement. After seeing something in my Pinterest feed, I decided pinwheels would be ideal.

Pinwheels are fairly easy and quick (I used this technique by Cluck Cluck Sew) but accuracy is key to get those points all lined up! These blocks are fairly large and I do find working with larger scale blocks a bit easier.

This amazing quilt seems to be popping up everywhere on Pinterest and on instagram by users sharing it as an inspiration piece but I had trouble finding the actual maker. With some serious internet stalking sleuthing I was able to find that it was made by Stephanie who shared it on her instagram feed (@creativereveries) and it was pinned from there using iconosquare. Tricky!

The main reason I hunted that quilt down was to find a tutorial for the blocks, which I did – hurrah!

The blocks are called Raspberry Kiss and the tutorial can be found here by Wooden Spoon Quilts. They are quick to put together and are a great scrap buster – finished size is 4 1/2″.

Small blocks are a good way for me to practice accuracy (seriously some days the requirement to sew in a straight line is just a bridge too far…) because if they are just a little bit off it’s much more obvious that on a bigger block. I must say though, my cutting has improved HEAPS since I bought one of these rulers.

I’ve decided I will put myself through a weekly challenge – make a block each week using a free pattern or tutorial found online. There are so many good ones out there.

I was also wondering if anyone would like to join me? I’ve set up a Facebook Group called Quilt Block Boot Camp. Every week I will post a weekly block challenge. I’d LOVE it if you want to join in! Join the group here so you can share your pics! Beginner or advanced – everyone is welcome.

Hope to see you there!

12 thoughts on “Quilt Block Boot Camp

  1. Your accuracy looks pretty good from where I'm sitting, Ros. I've been tempted to join a quilting bee, but don't know that I could handle the stress of whether my blocks are up to standard. Maybe next year. Have fun being swarm leader.

    1. Thanks Pam! I feel the same way, I'm a bit nervous but our bee has a big mix of beginners and experienced bee participants and it appears to be a supportive fun bunch!

    1. Thanks Amy! Great to have you in the group – no commitment required! Just sew up a block if it takes your fancy and you have the time that week 🙂

  2. Boot Camp for quilters sounds like a lot of fun …not sure if will be able to keep up ..can only try .. love the Raspberry kisses blocks

  3. Hi Ros, I hope being our queenbee isn't too stressful. You definitely put a lot of effort into it (maybe I need some boot camp as well, getting my seizing issues under control…).
    I love your pinwheels. Especially the first ones with that dark floral print. Do you know what one it is? I absolutly love it!
    Thanks and best wishes from Scotland. Bee Laura

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