Upcycling Inspiration for Kid’s Clothes Week

The next Kid’s Clothes Week is happening in a few weeks (February 2-8)  and I haven’t sewn along for a very long time, but I really love the theme of the next round – UPCYCLED.

Here is a quick round up of a few fun upcycling projects I have done and some tutorials that will work perfectly with this theme and get you ready for KCW.

Upcycled Baby Blankets to T-shirts – I put together this quick tutorial last year sharing how to maximise the fabric in your old jersey baby blankets to make tees for your kids. I bet you have lots of these blankets at home, but if not you can often pick them up cheaply at the thrift store.

Look how little my baby girl is in this picture! She has grown up so much! *sobs*

Quick & Easy Kids Pants Tutorial – this simple tutorial is a great way to whip up a few pairs of pants for your little ones. It works perfectly with old or thrifted adult trousers and jeans – just use the existing leg and line up the outer seams, then cut!

Fancy Pants Leggings (click through for ugly tee to cute legging before and after shots!) I joined the blog tour for this pattern by Titchy Threads and used a couple of thrifted t-shirts.

30 minute skirt tutorial – I bet you have an old skirt or dress lying about that no longer fits or has a stain on it. Chop it up and turn it into a sweet skirt for your little Miss!

For more KCW inspiration definitely check out Mend & Make New (Jenny makes THE BEST kcw stuff!) and Things for Boys KCW archives (especially the Peter Rabbit Jacket!) and of course the KCW blog.

4 thoughts on “Upcycling Inspiration for Kid’s Clothes Week

    1. Hopefully Jen! I figure if I make a bit of a plan I might get a few things stitched up this round. I haven't made the girls any clothing for a long time!

  1. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing. I save old clothes, etc, that still have good material in them, but I never get around to making anything with them. I either have to start using it or send it off to the op shop. I'd prefer to use it, so, once again, thanks for sharing.

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