Nautical Metallic Open Wide Zip Pouch

Metallic highlights in fabric is really on trend at the moment and I have to say, I love it!

I found this anchor print at Spotlight last year, and Angie from Gnome Angel kindly sent me a few off cuts of this gold denim. I’ve never seen it at my local store, but anything good sells out quick and you have to be lucky sometimes.

I’ve been struggling to finish sewing projects lately. I have a list a mile long in my head and WIPs lying around everywhere which is really unlike me. Usually I just have one project on the go and I stick to it until it’s done. This afternoon I sat down and just made this small pouch from start to finish. Sometimes the satisfaction of a very quick completed project can kick start some creative momentum. Here’s hoping!

I love the trend for metallics at the moment. Cotton + Steel basics have a number of them but as my budget doesn’t stretch to ordering bundles from overseas at the moment I’ll have to be satisfied with the odd find from my local stores.

As you probably know, I’m addicted to sewing zipper pouches of all sizes and designs, and this one is a favourite of mine – the Open Wide Zipper Pouch by Noodlehead. The zipper technique is a little tricky especially if you are a beginner, but persevere! The tutorial pictures are really clear and the finished product is well worth it.

I need to sit down now, write a list of all my WIPs, rank them in order of priority, and GET THEM DONE! That process sounds very clinical doesn’t it…

People often say to me “Oh Ros you are so creative!” Actually I’m not. I’m methodical, I need lists every day to work through chores and errands, and every time I’ve done of those surveys about which side of the brain I use, I always get the result farthest away from creative! Ha! Not to mention the fact that I used to be a Science & Maths High School teacher.

Here’s to being a non-creative, left brain dominant list maker! It obviously serves me well in my artistic pursuits!

15 thoughts on “Nautical Metallic Open Wide Zip Pouch

  1. I've never seen metallic denim before, Ros. It's a perfect match for the anchor fabric. The open wide pouch tutorial makes for a great little zippy. Matter of fact, I have several cut out. Made one last night and am just about to write up a post.

  2. yay for getting a little project finished – I always find that helps my motivation. And it is a gorgeous one too – the metallic prints are wonderful, and gold denim – whoever would have thought!

  3. I love that anchor print…I have almost bought it so many times…but I never had a project for it…now I think I really need some – I hope there is some left at my local 🙂 the pouch is lovely! x

  4. I think I love every open wide zipper pouch I have ever seen online. I have a feeling I have to make some for myself. Maybe I can make one for every WIP I have, just to keep everything tidy and pretty and easily accessable and all together. I am also a non-creative creative person. My two favourite subjects in school; maths and visual arts 🙂

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