Summer Reading Recommendations

The warm weather is upon us, Christmas is almost here, so for Australians that means hitting the beach over the holidays. Beach holidays (or the summer holiday period in general) always means lots of reading.

Need a good book? I’ve got you covered. These are my can’t put it down, page turning favourites. If you haven’t read these yet RUN DON’T WALK.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society by Mary Ann Shaffer

I don’t know how to describe this book, only to say that once I picked it up I pretty much ignored my husband on our holiday in Bali until I finished it. Set in post WW2 Britain, a writer discovers the story of the locals living in the formerly German occupied island of Guernsey through a series of correspondence with locals. Read it if you haven’t already. JUST DO IT. Seriously. I haven’t read it since 2010 and I’ve been meaning to read it again soon so it will definitely be a summer read for me this year.

You’ll like this if you liked The Book Thief and Unbroken.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

After ABC2 recently screened all five Twilight films I got back into the books and have read them again for about the 4th time. Edward, Bella, Jacob…but I have to admit I’ve always had a soft spot for Carlisle! Breaking Dawn, the last book in the series of four, introduces several new characters and moves on from the love triangle that dominates the earlier books. It is probably my favourite of the series. The Twilight Saga attracts a lot of criticism but I’m not one of the haters. If Stephenie Meyer released another book tomorrow I’d be all over it. I also really enjoyed her book The Host, which is completely different to the Twilight series – more sci/fi futuristic dystopian.

You’ll like this if you liked Twilight, Beautiful Creatures, Dead Until Dark.

Longbourn by Jo Baker

This story runs parallel to Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice and centres around the servants who work for the Bennett family, revealing the gritty underbelly of life in service in 17th century England. The author takes some of the characters and story lines from P&P further so prepare for some juicy revelations! It’s an interesting take on an old favourite and I really enjoyed it.

You’ll like this if you enjoyed Pride & Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Mr Darcy Takes A Wife

A Year In Provence by Peter Mayle

A classic in the travel narrative genre, this book is one of my all time favourites. It is a memoir by successful author Peter Mayle who with his wife, moved from the UK to the French region of Provence and documents their experience living and renovating an old farmhouse. I wonder how many Brits were inspired to buy a crumbling chateau and move across the Channel after reading this? I also adored the sequels, Toujours Provence and Encore Provence.

You’ll love this if you liked Under The Tuscan Sun, Almost French, The Olive Farm

Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

So I’m going to assume you’ve already read this? I read it a few years ago. While I found it a bit self indulgent, it was a great holiday read. If you haven’t read it, it’s Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir of her travels of self discovery following a marriage break up and personal breakdown. She travels to Italy, India and Indonesia in a quest to heal herself and change her life. This book was a mega best seller, featured on Oprah and made into a movie starring Julia Roberts. It’s the kind of book where you can really take something away that is valuable to you and apply it to your own life. Something for everyone.

You’ll like this if you liked We Bought A Zoo, Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail

Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

Haven’t read it since you were a kid? Read it again! You won’t regret it. Just make sure you also avail yourself of several of the sequels because you will want to stay in Avonlea. Even better, read it and then pass it to your kids to read this summer if they are old enough!

You’ll love it if you also loved The Little House on The Prairie, Little Women

I could add a million more but that’ll do for now. After several recommendations on my last book post I read The Rosie Project – so good (and set in Melbourne!) and I have the sequel The Rosie Effect all ready to go!

I’m always after more recommendations so tell me what you’ve loved lately! Fellow book nerds can find me here on Goodreads.

This post contains affiliate links. I personally use the Kindle app for iPad and download many books from Amazon.

6 thoughts on “Summer Reading Recommendations

  1. I have really enjoyed rewatching the Twilight films on ABC2 the past few weeks also:) I have another novel by Elizabeth Gilbert here to read (The Signature Of All Things) but it will have to wait until after I finish rereading the ":Outlander" books!

  2. Ha – I've been madly re-reading Twilight too since seeing the movies on ABC2 – one of those series that I can't put down once I start. Thanks for this list Ros – Longbourne looks interesting, I'm going to check that one out 🙂

  3. Some of my favourites here too. The Rosie Project has been my favourite book of this year, and I loved The Gurnsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. I think Longbourn needs to go on my list now too!

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