Scrap Fabric Key Fobs

I’ve seen loads of those pretty key fobs around on Pinterest and decided that I wanted some! Why did I wait so long – making these took about 10 minutes and it is so much easier to find my keys at the bottom of my hand bag now!

They are pretty basic and next time I will probably use some scrap batting in between the fabric layers to give them a bit more oomph. I do really love them though – I can put my keys around my wrist and be hands free when I need to carry shopping or carry one of my kids!

You only need a really small amount of fabric for these – you’ll have what you need in your scrap basket. I purchased this style of key fob hardware.

I folded my fabric in the same way I make binding then added quilting style stitches along the length of the fabric to secure it. Once I did that I folded the fabric strips and attached the hardware using a pair of pliers.

Super simple, practical and a great way to use up scraps. There are lots of tutorials around but Angie from Gnome Angel has this one which is really great.

Small projects like this are really great for getting the sewing mojo back if you are out of the habit, like me at the moment!

6 thoughts on “Scrap Fabric Key Fobs

  1. Hi Ros, these would make great Christmas gifts. Thank you very much for sharing and it might just be the thing to get my stalled sewing mojo into first gear!

  2. These are fabulous! I am in love with the ones I've made. I'm planning on making some more and stockpiling for last minute gifts. Thanks so much for the link love to my tutorial. 🙂

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