Sweet Pouch Swap – Christmas Edition

Woohoo! Round 4 is happening and with a twist – a Christmas theme!

The Sweet Pouch Swap is an event hosted by yours truly and involves stitching up a gorgeous zipper pouch (or similar), including some delicious treats, and posting it off to your assigned partner. Simple and sweet.

THE DETAILS – Please read through this entire post carefully! 
  • This is an international swap, however this time I will try and assign local partners where I can due to increased mail volumes and longer shipping times at this time of year. This won’t be possible in every case so be please be prepared to have an international partner.
  • This is a direct swap between a pair. All pairs will be assigned at random by me. 
  • There will be a limit to participant numbers for administration reasons. It is first in, best dressed. Once we hit capacity I will remove the sign up form from the blog post.
  • You will receive your partner’s details by Friday November 14. Parcels are to be posted by Wednesday December 3rd. 

What to include in your parcel:

  • A Christmas themed handmade pouch
  • Some Christmas sweets / chocolate / candy for your partner to enjoy. Please ensure that these are packaged goods to comply with customs & quarantine laws.
  • A lovely Christmas card or postcard from your home town.
  • Your contact details (email, return address) so your partner can thank you when their parcel arrives.
  • Extras? Sure, if you like 🙂 I often send a couple of crafty things or a fat quarter or two. Optional! 
  • You can see previous swap gifts I’ve sent for Round 1 , Round 2 and Round 3.

By committing to this swap, you will be agreeing to post a parcel via international mail. This is not always cheap – you can get some information about what to expect to pay in this post here. I strongly recommend you read it before signing up. As mentioned previously, I will be assigning local partners where I can this round, but it will not be possible in every case.

Please be an active participant and share your gorgeous work! Use the #sweetpouchswap hashtag on instagram. Instagram tends to be the most active place for the swap community so please join us there!  Share fabric choices, sneak peeks and packaged parcels. Follow me so you can keep up with the swap and what others are creating – @sewdeliciousros

Make sure you follow the Sweet Pouch Swap Pinterest board as well – there are heaps of fantastic ideas pinned there which will inspire you to find the perfect design for your project!

Use this opportunity to make a new friend! So many of my online buddies are former swap partners. Email each other, check out each others blogs and social media. You might just be partnered up with a kindred spirit!

It goes without saying…but if you are busy with lots of other things like work, family, and other commitments, maybe this swap isn’t for you. Every round there have been people who have failed to send a parcel and they have left their partner disappointed. Please only sign up if you are 100% committed to participating and completing this swap. Don’t be flaky.

Thank you for reading through all the details. If this swap sounds good to you, go ahead and sign up! Please try and avoid completing the form on your mobile device – autocorrect has caused problems in the past with vital information like email addresses.

Any questions? Email me – roslynruss@gmail.com.

Get your Christmas fabrics ready! Thanks for being part of it!

We’ve hit capacity! Thanks for your interest – there will be more swaps in the future. I always release swap info via newsletter first so sign up here to get the emails!

12 thoughts on “Sweet Pouch Swap – Christmas Edition

  1. How exciting. I've done two rounds of this swap and both have been wonderful fun. Looking forward to some festive fun this time around.

  2. Yay – I've signed up & I'm ok with international (especially USA 'coz their chocolates are awesome). I'm off to google a pouch 🙂

  3. While the first round runs, I read about and thought sewing, sweets and pouches would be perfect for me, now I signed up … i am so excited. I'm ok with an international partner or someone with allergies.
    sunny greatings from germany, anja

  4. Me too…..but,
    I've signed up to get speedy notices 😉 for the next swap!!
    Love the pouch in your post!!!

    We have 2 Furry Friends (bilgy) left and a few Fruit Tingles…oh and a bag of Chuppa Chups….about to go through withdrawal. LOL
    I didn't know they made Christmas ones!! Nice!

    1. I was just looking at your first few swaps….and dreaming of an AU pouch. LOL

      Yes, you are right. Your Cadbury chocolate is so much better there than here(US)…bc our Cadbury is not from AU. We can't get any of your Cadbury chocolates here….unless we bring them back 😉

      Favs: Tingles of course(they help with carsickness and heartburn LOL),
      Cherry Ripes were my fav from 2003 till we discovered Boost and the bar Marvelous Creations-Jelly popping candy! OMG, those are scrumptious.
      Freddo and Furry Friends etc….all great!(we like it better than chocolate here 🙂 sshhhhh)
      Chuppa Chups are always a winner too.

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