Sewing Kit For Beginners : Review

Back in the days when I was just first getting interested in sewing, I wish I had’ve found this kit.

Before I had a fabric stash, before I had a selection of thread, before I was able to just guess what size zipper I needed…and I still freak out in the interfacing section at Spotlight.

Sarah from Hunting for Ladybugs is one of my lovely sponsors (check out her cool gif in the sidebar) and she asked if I’d like to review one of her sewing kits. She sent me the kit as if I was a regular paying customer so I could get the full experience.

She specialises in creating these sewing kits which are essentially a sewing lesson in a box. For anyone starting out, it’s great to have everything supplied, right down the thread.

Sarah provides two different patterns – a simple rectangle pouch and a triangular shaped pouch, with a booklet of instructions and a URL to the step by step online tutorial with coloured photos.

The steps are extremely detailed and leave nothing to chance, which is ideal for beginners.

The fabric I received in my kit was not really my current style, but it was still top quality quilting cotton and both my girls really liked it and have already bickered about who is going to have it. If you have a particular colour or style, Sarah has a lot of choices and can provide something you love.

These kits would be great for:

–  A sewing beginner or a gift for someone wanting to learn to sew.

– A sewing kit for kids – it’s a fun school holiday project for older kids or teenagers.

– An experienced seamstress who has a zip phobia (there seems to be many of us in that category!) and would like a step by step guide to sewing in a zipper.

– A gift for a friend who enjoys sewing who lives far away. The beauty of online ordering, it can be sent anywhere! The box and presentation of the kit are very pretty so it makes an ideal gift.

If I made this pouch again, which I probably will because I really like the shape, is that I would use batting and probably make a patchwork version. I prefer to quilt pouches now because I like how it feels. Totally a personal preference, I know most people tend to prefer interfacing.

The only thing you need to provide is a sewing machine. Sarah’s kits provided everything else which is a fun and stress free way to learn a new project.

You can check out Hunting For Ladybugs and their different sewing kits here.

I’d love for you to join in with my reviews this week! I’m putting together a sewing machine review post and I want you to help! Just fill out the form here and tell me about your sewing machine.

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  1. Adorable! I did the Drawstring Bag Kit too and it was super duper easy thanks to Sarah's instructions and the Facebook HelpDesk. I've made about five more since to hold bits and pieces. Now I want a zipper kit!

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