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This week I’m going to be sharing a few reviews of some sewing related kits and items that businesses have sent to me to try out. I’d love to add another dimension to this week of reviews – I want you to have YOUR SAY! The majority of us have and regularly use a sewing machine, and I want you to tell me what you think of yours.

I often have people contact me and ask what machine they should buy. Very tricky question for me because I have limited experience with machines other than my own basic Janome.

So I figure, who better to ask than my community? I’m sure you will have some interesting things to say about various machines, brands, and how you use them. There will be no bias and no sales pitches – this will be machine reviews by seamstresses and quilters who have genuine opinions. I think it will be really helpful.

If you’d love to be part of it, please fill out the form below. It doesn’t matter if your machine is old – chances are someone might google it to find out more about that model if they are thinking of buying one second hand. Hopefully their search will lead them here and your review could be really helpful to them!

I will compile all the responses into a big sewing machine review post later this week.

Thanks for participating!

 UPDATE! The reviews have been published! You can read them HERE.

7 thoughts on “Review Your Sewing Machine

  1. I'll be paying attention this week as I don't use a sewing machine at all and hand stitch everything. To be honest I'm a bit scared of learning properly after some rotten experiences in Textiles class in high school. I never felt like I had any control of direction or speed. Need to stick on my big-girl panties and just get over it already.

  2. I would buy any of the 301-501 Singer sewing machine with cams.Made in the 40-60's now don't get anything after about 1965 all plastic you can look an tell the difference . They are work horses and you will never have to buy another machine as long as you live. All metal and will sew through anything you put under the presser foot. Makes beautiful button holes with button hole part all sizes from giant to baby clothes size. You couldn't run fast enough to give me any of the new machines I don't care what they can do.

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