Hi I’m Ros. I write a blog about sewing.

If I had a dollar for the number of times I said that over the weekend.

Now. I don’t usually use this space as a place to talk negatively. But I can talk to you guys, right?

This past couple of weeks have been hard. Here’s the details.

– My husband was sent overseas for work. We had 48 hours notice and he will be gone for several months.

– His work told him he’d be leaving on the Tuesday so we said some very teary goodbyes. He arrived at work to be told that they’d forgot to book his flight so he came home that night for dinner and the poor kids had to go through all the goodbyes again. Extremely confusing when you are 3 years old.

 – The kids were completely unsettled after his departure, so of course I left them with their grandparents and headed to the Gold Coast to attend the Problogger conference. Worst mother ever.

– Spent the week in a panic trying to pack everyone’s stuff. Packed my own at the last minute, during several distractions. Arrived at the hotel and realised I forgot to pack my underpants.

– The conference was good. Full on. The sessions were generally excellent and I learned a lot.

– I also learned that I am not a beginner. I felt like I was, especially since I’d never attended a conference before. But no. Three years into this blogging caper and I’m actually pretty damn good at it. Being completely self taught, I have a real sense of pride about this. Obviously my technique works – don’t know something? Google it.

– I found the social side kind of hard. After suffering an injury at a concert when I was teenager due to being crushed in the crowd (Red Hot Chilli Peppers 1996 the bad days when Dave Navarro was in the band.) I am very nervous around a lot of people. I was also really tired and feeling quite guilty for leaving the kids. So the constant introductions and meeting new people took it’s toll and by the first afternoon I had to escape and have some quiet time in my room.

– Luckily I had a fab room mate in Kim. Chilled out, low maintenance and funny. Did not hog the bathroom. Likes to sing out loud with her headphones in. Respect.

– While I met some great people, there were…others. When I told one person that I wrote a blog about sewing, she laughed and said “Pffft, as if I’d ever read THAT!”

You can imagine how that made me feel.

– The weekend flew, all of a sudden it was over and I was ready to fly home to my babies.

– I was watching some TV the other night and Lucy started coughing so I got up to rub her back. Came back to discover the full packet of M&Ms I’d left on the coffee table had been stolen and eaten by my dog.

– Came home from work last night to discover that the dog had peed on the carpet in the back room, probably the night before. It STANK and was probably some kind of horrible reaction to the amount of chocolate he ingested.

– Am currently considering selling the dog on eBay.

– Lucy woke me this morning to tell me her tummy was sore. Before I could lift my head off the pillow she vomited all over my face. All over my hair. And all over my bed.

– You know what the definition of love is? Having someone vomit all over your face and you don’t get mad. Rather, you worry about whether or not they are ok.

So. Would you like to get anything off your chest? Tell me your woes. I am quite aware that my tales are pretty minor in comparison to what others are going through but it’s helpful to just say stuff out loud sometimes.

And also, any tips for getting the stink out of my carpet?

Thanks for listening (well, technically reading. You know what I mean.) I feel better already. xx

92 thoughts on “Hi I’m Ros. I write a blog about sewing.

  1. oh god! What a week. That other blogger sounds very rude! I can imagine your reaction, because I once had a close friend say they would rather die than talk about sewing…hmmm, friend! As for the carpet, I've used napisan on my carpet for poo, not sure if it would help with wee. Oh man, you need a hug!

  2. Baking soda. Loads of baking soda. Pile it onto the wet cleaned carpet. Let it cake and dry, then vacuum up. It helps. Also, pray your child never vomits on your after eating cheese. I also know, from our week long bout of vomiting, that my kids don't chew well enough.

    Sorry yours having a shit time, Ros. I hope it turns around quickly for you. Also, you're not a new blogger! Ha! You made me laugh out loud at that. You kick as and I love it. Chin up. And grab yourself a drink. Send the dog into traffic.

    1. Ahh Jill. What is parenthood without a spectacular vomit story? Or two? Or possibly three?

      I'm sure things will turn around – there is no stress or upcoming events so this weekend the kids and I will just take it easy. Luckily I have a very good support crew around me. There will be take away dinners and a few glasses of wine for sure!

      Am still devastated about the M&Ms though. Damn dog. I really needed that chocolate!! 😉

  3. Oh Ros, you poor chick, you are amazing to be able to do several months, 2 weeks is the longest Jules has been away and that was tough enough. Your poor baby girl I hope her tummy is feeling better.

    If you have to carry an injury related fear it's pretty cool to say that it came from a Chilli Peppers concert!!

    I'm wondering what the blogger blogged about, seriously at a blogging convention of all places to say something like that, what a rude little cow. Well I love your sewing adventures and I love that even though you were self taught, you've always taken the time to help out newbies, I wouldn't have got my off the ground if not for your help, not to mention picked up some great tips sewing wise, so thank you once again.

    Mel xooxo

    1. Aww thanks for your lovely words Mel. Yeah crushed against the safety barriers at the concert. Badly bruised ribs. Pretty much ended going to concerts for me 🙁 I'm too scared!

      I'm glad you enjoy my sewing adventures and the great thing about the internet is that there is room for all of us!

  4. Oh and in case anyone was wondering, I made those cute graphics with a fun phone app called Word Swag. Found out about it at the conference. Feel like I am pretty much a graphic designer now. Haha! 😉

  5. Baking soda! Pile it on leave it for a couple of days and vacumn the crap out of it. Our cat has bowel disease and had a couple of accidents, we have moved since and now have floor boards! YAY!

    Happy Sewing x

    1. The baking soda is on the stain right now! Have taken the advice and I exhausted my supplies so I might even zip down to the shop and buy some more. It needs heavy duty treatment. Thanks for the tip! Love to you and your poor kitty. Hooray for floorboards – our whole house except two rooms are boards. Trust the dog to choose that room. Hmph.

  6. Hi Ros, I've arrived here via Blog With Pip Alumni FB group, one of the other members posted a link. You have been having a rough trot but seem to be handling it with a little humour so that's good. I just wanted to say Pfft to the Pffter, I've a quick little look at your blog and think it's lovely and I'll certainly be back to follow what you're up to.

    1. Hi One Earlybird and hello Blog With Pip peeps! I met Pip very briefly at the airport when I arrived, she was on my flight. Just as gorgeous and lovely as she is online. Thank you for your lovely words – I agree, pfffft to the pfffter! 🙂

  7. Holy Guacamole woman! Firstly – cudos to you for not getting post vomit mad. Impressive. Secondly – maybe we could do a deal on ebay, a two for one, and I'll add my dog as a bonus? And thirdly – stuff that idiot blogger who laughed at you blogging about sewing. I can guarantee you her head would spin if she knew exactly how many people read sewing/crafting/quilting blogs. She's an idiot. Keep your chin up and keep on keepin on! xxx

    1. Vomit mad! Hahaha! I wanted to be mad just because it was so yuck…it was just dripping down me. Eww. But poor thing was so distressed and she went and got me a tissue so i could wipe my face. Sweet girl.

      And sewing / craft / quilt blogs? Our corner of the internet is HUGE. And awesome.

  8. Ros! Love the vent. Makes me like you even more. Really sorry for all the shit that has happened. AND all this without the husband around. But, I suppose no way left but up, huh? I thoroughly enjoy your blog & sense of humour. You keep on trucking & while getting more baking soda, get yourself some more M&Ms, k?! Oh, and if there is still a stench in the carpet after vacuuming the carpet, sprinkle it with coffee & leave for a bit. It's amazing at sucking up smells & smells pretty nice to boot. Big virtual squeeze!

    1. Thank you, virtual squeeze gratefully accepted! Seriously what can you do but laugh? Because really, the dog, the spew, it's all pretty hilarious. Just wish I could get my husband to clean it up though 😉

  9. awww Lovely BIG HUGS !! pfttt what is wrong with that lady seriously she must live a boring life ! I often get the eye rolls when I talk about sewing ..GAH !
    I have 4 kids all under 9 years old ive been pooped on piddled on and vomited oh.oh the joys .:) bless there cotton socks.
    Keep your Chin up after all you are fabulous 🙂 xo

  10. Oh my goodness, Ros 🙁 Mega hugs from here. 48 hours for several months?! Nasty!! Vomit in here? Nasty. Dog pee? Nasty. Pft people? NASTY! I pray you have an awesome week next week to make up for it all. And go buy more M&Ms to keep in the cupboard just for you. Make it a bucket of them. You're gonna need it!

    1. Thanks Alyce! They had party buckets of M&Ms at the shops today, I'll definitely be buying some. And a milk peppermint Cadbury family block. Just because it's my fave. xx

  11. Hi Ros you poor thing,gee so much happening in such a short amount of time,dont listen to other people concerning your blog,follow your gut,because i for one think you are doing it right and i enjoy my visits here,thankyou Ros and sending you a big hug my friend.xx

    1. Thanks Shez! Hopefully things will settle down a bit now and we can relax and get into a nice routine. Thanks for your kind words about my blog, her opinion doesn't worry me at all because I am quite resigned to the fact that not everyone is interested in my hobby. But lucky for me there are A LOT OF AWESOME PEOPLE LIKE YOU who are very interested 🙂

  12. Oh that sounds awful, the blogger and then everything else on top. I hope you get some more m&ms. Buy two packets are an interest payment to yourself.

    And yes – my two year old projectile vomited in my face over the weekend. And I had my mouth open because I was talking to him, trying to comfort him. Grossest thing ever and I was just worried about him.

    1. Aww mouth open – YUCK! Luckily I didn't have that happen! Popped into the shops today for more bicarb soda and saw a 'party bucket' of M&Ms. Guess what I'll be buying on my next visit? 😉

  13. oh Ros you are awesome. I've been vomited and pooed on … not on the face though, that's a whole new level of mother-love! And then caught the same gastro bug and had to nurse my girls while also being hideously sick. And then one daughter had some kind of seizure due to being dehydrated and wee'd all over herself, and the Disney Princess pull-out lounge chair. I managed to get her into clean pyjamas, but when the ambulance arrived, I was still very gross but at least was wearing a tracksuit with underwear and not just pyjamas …. The sight of my neighbour appearing around the back of the ambulance as all three of us were being strapped in, still makes me cry. She took my sick-but-not-having-a-seizure, younger daughter out of the ambulance and looked after her – with her own kids – til my husband could get home. Good times. To do all that WITHOUT your husband being able to arrive home and help, would just be awful. Bunker down in the crappy times, because they'll pass. 48 hours for several months away is just a shocker, and really crappy form from his employers. You'll get into a new rhythm and routine. Don't listen to anti-sew-blogger types. They really don't get that there's this whole AWESOME world of sewing and crafty blogs, instagram, FB, Flickr – it's like we all live on our own little planet of sewing-awesome. I'm so used to people's eyes glazing over when you try to explain what you do. Good on you for going to the conference – and I'm so happy that you had your moment of realising that you are good at what you do – in fact, you are awesome at what you do Ros. Lots of love xx

    1. What a story Catherine!! Oh you poor things having to go off in an ambulance, it must have been so bad. What a wonderful neighbour you have. Don't ever let her move house!!

  14. oh my god Ros – that sounds like one tough week!! There's only one word for that other blogger…it starts with B and ends with itch! I had a similar experience at a conference once. I presented on an initiative that I tried at work in my new job in a new position and after the presentation she came up to me to tell me that at her (high and mighty) university they've been using this method for years and that me presenting it as a new initiative made my workplace look really outdated and backward (which is partly true but it takes a loooonnnnggg time to change the habits of some). Anyway, it made me feel like a COMPLETE idiot and then I felt so embarrassed about putting myself out there. I've also felt really hesitant to submit to present at any conferences since. Because of one person! I know I need to get over it (it was two years ago!!). My husband has also been working away a lot recently so I totally understand how tough it is on your own. Sending hugs and big thank yous for being so awesome at what you do xx As for the vomit…there are no words…

    1. Aw Nat. That sounds horrible. It's crazy how we allow one negative experience affect us. But we all do it and it's human nature isn't it? You say you haven't been getting out there much BUT aren't you doing sewing meet ups and teaching classes? It's not easy getting up in front of anyone but you are still doing it! GO YOU! I used to have to do public speaking in my old job and OMG I would spend 15 minutes prior freaking out in the toilet. It got easier, but man. It never gets EASY. xx

  15. I agree with One Early Bird "Pfft to the pfffter" Some people have no social graces. Didn't their mum tell the to just be nice. If it is not your thing still be nice – it is not hard. And who doesn't love a sewing blog – they must be bonkers!
    If nothing else, at least you have a great spew story for when your kids are older.
    May you have many "spew and dog-wee" free days to come xx

  16. Hi! Just a quick note to say "How did I manage to miss out on meeting you at PB?" I mean, seriously! I was there, and I'm a 'sewing blogger' too! So, not only would I ABSOLUTELY read sewing blogs, I write about it too! I really, REALLY hope you're at the next PBEvent because I would love to meet you and talk sewing! Lisa

  17. Well, if she doesn't want to talk about sewing you can be sure none of us are reading her blog 😉 Sorry to hear you've had such a rough week – and I hope your husband is home sooner than you expect. xx

  18. I had a few quite rude reactions to my blog as well, but hey, you're not my target audience so I don't care (well mostly, aside from the occasional feeling that I must be a boring housewife – sigh!).

    I was glad to meet you, and add another "cool sewing blogger" to my list of in-real-life friends.

    I once had to Google "how to you get poo out of cracks in floorboards" and came up with nothing. Still haven't written a blog post to fill that obvious void on the internet. So you're not even safe with floorboards.

    1. Ugh Narelle I am so bummed to hear that. It was so great hanging out with you and learning more about you. There is nothing boring about a chemical engineer who also kicks ass at sewing. Is there anything you can't do? Apart from get poo out of floor board cracks?! Haha I really did LOL when I read that.

      As Darren Rowse said "be useful". I think google searchers the world over are looking for a blog post about that. Fill that void. *cries with laughter*

  19. Whoa, wow, where do I start? Raccoon bar??! Btw, it is possible we were at the same RHCP concert – and I had a bad night too for different reasons! Talk soon xoxo

    1. Dude. It's been NUTS. Raccoon sounds perfect and we will have burgers. Give me a couple of weeks then I can start calling in the babysitting favours again!

      We must discuss this RHCP coincidence.

  20. Oh man. It wasn't me was it? That said "pfffft?". I'm a bit of a dick like that sometimes. I would never have thought I'd read a blog about sewing. But I'm not. I'm reading a blog about Ros, who happens to sew. Kudos to you for figuring out the needle and thread thing, I'm always awed by people who make that work.

  21. I sat here with my mouth open after reading about your experience with that blogger. All tactless people should be the ones who end up with projectile vomit on their faces and have presents from their pets to clean up (ideally between the hours of 12-4am) and not the lovely, clever, hardworking and generous bloggers like yourself. Try not to let her words get to you, it is clear from the support you have here that sewing and creative bloggers are all awesome and everyone else is missing out on amazingness.

    1. Yes there is SO MUCH SUPPORT here I am kind of taken aback actually. Thank you everyone, I feel like I've had a huge squishy group hug after all your awesome comments. Thank you xx

      I think us creatives should organise our own conference. Now that would be awesome!

  22. Ahhh Ros! Huge virtual hug. I have dropped off the sewing/blogging radar but I will come to this blog to read about both anyway and its because of you! You are awesome lady, tell Abby she should give you an extra hug from me 😉 x

  23. ​My husband left 19 days ago for the next 9 months. I feel your pain. Happily this community is pretty awesome and supportive. Good luck! Don't know if they have resolve carpet cleaner in Australia but it has worked wonders on some fabulously disgusting pet stains at my parents house.

    1. Ugh 9 months that is a long haul Melissa! Yep I agree this community is awesome and supportive. I wouldn't have stuck with blogging for 3 years if it wasn't, that's for sure! xx

  24. Ooh Ros, poor you! I can imagine how you feel, after all those experiences in such a short space of time. I hope your little one is much better. And surely your hub's firm would've known he needed to go away for so long and could've given more notice.
    And that blogger bird who is she? I wouldn't worry about her, I've been following your blog since the Sew Delicious Pouch Swap and I find it great, funny and informative. You don't just write about sewing and anyway she's not worth the worry 🙂
    I hope things look better for you now and you'll be in a good routine while your hubs is away. Take care thinking of you hugs to your little girls and you xox

    1. Oh thanks so much Janine! Unfortunately my husbands work can be unpredictable and we've got used to that over the years. Luckily this sort of situation is very rare! xx

  25. Oh Ros I wish I was close by to give you some Nanny <3 !! I think everyone has said it all – you showed your strength in "vomit in the face" and stupid, ignorant blogger! The dog? mmmm Get in the bowl! No, you get in the bowl!! lol I am so much a beginner, but one that benefits from your generousity and blogging know how and will always read your blog! <3

    1. Oh thanks so much!! It's so lovely knowing I have so much support and that all my fellow seamstresses and quilters have got my back! Watch out people – we have a number of sharp implements and we aren't afraid to use them 😉

  26. What is your postal address and preferred chocolate?

    The vomiting story reminded me when LM was sick last year. She woke up in the middle of the night and started calling for me. My husband got to her first, but she insisted she needed mummy, so I picked her up, an she started vomiting… all over my hair, all over my pajamas, all over herself and all over the floor… it was a long night…

    Nappisan does do a good job on a carpet.

    1. ** ******* St Preston. Anything with mint 😉

      My Dad reminded me this morning of a story when we we were travelling in New Zealand when I was 6. I was up on a bunk bed in our camper van. I called out to him and when he got up to me I leaned over and vomited all over his head. He went outside to the toilet block in the camping ground to clean up and have a shower. It was so cold that the vomit froze on him.

      Dad wins battle of the spew story. And I got my payback 28 years later. I think he was secretly quite pleased. Hahaha!

    2. Ros, I love reading your blog, and love the tutorials and things. As a mother of 4 little ones I too have spew stories (comes with territory right), but this one of your dad with frozen spew is by far the best! Still laughing!

  27. oh my gosh !! that is one week !! ON the brighter side it is almost OVER !! hang in there ! I feel for you with hubby being away – and hope you have others around you to support you ! Remind me one day, to tell you about my first few weeks as an expat in singapore, with a husband who then had to travel to Japan for two weeks and left me, and the boys who were then 2 and the other 6 months. This story also involves vomiting, heat, humidity and a strange country. All I wanted to do is go hoe on the next plane !! Thinking of you, Leanne

    1. We stayed in Singapore for two days for a stop-over between South Africa and Australia. The humidity was was more extreme than anything I had ever experienced. I imagine that is one crazy story/memory you have there.

    2. Ooh I'd like to hear that story Leanne! How long did you live in Singapore? I spent a few months there for university back in 2001. I was a fresh faced little Aussie who hadn't travelled much. I really learned a lot in those months and I grew to love Singapore. But I hear you, the heat and humidity is terrible when you are ill. Ugh!

  28. In years to come, if Lucy has kids, there'll be payback in one form or another!!! There's only one thing worse than your child vomiting on you, and that's a kid who's not related, vomiting all over you. I once had a school child vomit all over me. Thankfully she missed my face!!!

    Just ignore that rude blogger. She's not worth your time. Good to hear that you now know your own worth as a blogger.

    All the best with the sole parenting. As others have said, you'll settle into a routine. The longest stint I ever did by myself was only one month, pre Internet or mobile phones, so we relied on snail mail, most of which arrived after hubby was home. Hopefully you and the girls will be able to Skype. Several months is a long time though and I'm sure you'll have your moments. Make sure to take time for yourself – yes, red wine and chocolate, but also actual time. And no, you were not a bad mother going away for the weekend. It was a good distraction for you and the girls would have loved being with their grandparents. xxx

    1. Hi Pam! Yes we can Skype and are in regular contact which is good. I've got lots of family support so I can definitely take some time out when I need it. The girls really enjoyed their weekend with their grandparents and I'm keen to encourage it, I know how much I enjoyed it when I was young. I still enjoy it now – my Nan is 89 and still going strong 🙂

  29. Ros, I must confess to being a slack commenter for aggggeeeeeess. I still read each post though. I returned to work and it has curtailed my leisure time so in order to cram in more reading I do a lot less commenting. I had to stop over from the email to your post when I read this post but I can see that all the things I wanted to say have been very well covered by the other respondents. May I just say "DITTO" to all the comments about rude people, sick kids, hubby sent away at short notice, crappy timing and pets who add to the challenges.
    You are doing an amazing job in the midst of it all. Cheers from another of your Aussie fans. Oh and LOVE those cute graphics.
    As far as the getting vomit and urine stink out of carpet, I have also had some experience there too. Daughter vomited all over brand new white carpet the day after we moved into a new rental property. I nearly had a coronary on the spot when it made big brown stains. I tried several carpet cleaners and then borrowed a carpet shampoo vacuum (Kirby) and used the shampoo that came with it. It worked wonders on both the stain and the smell. I would borrow or hire one again in a heart-beat for 'protein-spills' any time. The tip I got from the professional was don't use heat with blood or protein and use heat with non-protein. I can't remember if urine was protein or non-protein but good old google will know. I hope that helps.

    1. Thanks Dee! I know what you mean about returning to work, I've gone back this year too and my available blog reading time is a lot less! Thanks for the carpet cleaning tips too! Really helpful!

  30. A new to me sewing blog? Of course I would read that! And glad to hear someone else has had a vomit all over their face. Hope it didn't get in your eyes. That really hurts…

  31. A blog about sewing? As if I wouldn't read that! Who needs rude people who 'pffft' in your face.

    I'm glad you've had a blogging revelation that you're pretty good at this gig. I hope you realise there are quite a few of us that love your style, and admire the way you work.

    Solidarity on the kid vomit, sister! I think it's a rite of passage for motherhood.

    1. Thanks so much Lilybett, those words mean a lot. I really enjoy blogging and wouldn't or couldn't do it any other way so you can all be sure that I'm being true to myself. Which makes it easier if people don't like it. I can't change it!

      Definitely a rite of passage of motherhood. Nothing like small people with unpredictable bodily functions to make you feel alive! Haha!

  32. Awww Ros, I was going to hop on the plane, go over to Australia and give you a huge hug once I figured out how NOT to make that incredibly creepy 🙂 So many things to touch upon and here they are:
    1. I am the dessert maker for all big holidays in the family, pecan pie usually being the most coveted one. I had made an extra pecan pie for family brunch that follows the big holiday and had stepped out to get milk, while I was gone my "beloved" dog had got on top of the counter, pulled off the pie and proceeded to eat it in the middle of the living room carpet. THE ENTIRE THING! I had never been closer to murder than I was when I returned and saw the sight.. That ridiculous "man's best friend" didn't even get indigestion..
    2. Pfft "lady" II would have said to her, while sadly shaking my head "Yes, you are right.. unfortunately it does prove to be a bit too intellectual for some people" and then punched her square in the nose (or in reality I would have looked at her flabergasted while tears filled up my eyes) I bet she blogs about cool things like synergy
    3. Ugh being so long without the husband suuuuuuuuucks. I feel you there, as an expat family (it does get a bit easier when you set your own rules) it's so hard to be on someone else's schedule. Stock up on DVDs and give yourself permission to just lay low for whenever you may need it.
    4. EVeryone has tough weeks, seriously! The only unnecessary thing is to suffer through it alone when you can get support and love and virtual hugs from the community who have been with you either from day one, or half way through, or just joined in. Love you to the zippered pieces <3

    1. Aww thanks so much lovely!!

      The pecan pie incident. I would have been murderous too. My husband used to have a Newfoundland growing up and once she snuck into the kitchen at his grandparents house and ate a WHOLE roast chicken fresh out of the oven!! Seriously dogs can be so naughty!

      You can fly over anytime and give me a hug! Then we'll go out for a night on the town 🙂 xx

  33. Sorry to hear you had such a bad week! That's harsh that you got so little notice about your husband going away – AND that you had to say goodbye twice. I wouldn't give that other blogger a second thought either – why do people have to be so rude?! On the plus side surely the next week will be better.

    1. Things are better already – seriously it was like a comedy of errors. I'm just making a huge effort to keep things simple and easy at the moment. Toasted sandwiches for dinner? YES! xx

  34. poor you! that blogger is a total 'b' and i bet her blog is definitely not worth reading!!! vomit on your face is a moment in time you will certainly not forget:( If you get lonely over the holidays, you are welcome to bring the girls down to warnie!! xx

    1. Oh thanks Suz! Would love to pop down to Warnie, I'll see how we go. We have a few plans already and unfortunately I still have to work my 2 days a week. Will be in touch! xx

  35. Ros, I managed to read your post between helping with homework and making dinner and I've been thinking about you ever since. Lunches are packed, dishes are done and I've returned to the computer. I feel so bad for you being left on your own for so long without your hubby and without any time to get your head around it and prepare a little. I was feeling tired doing the dinner, bath & bed routine on my own for three nights so I think you're amazing to be able to cope on your own for so long. Hopefully you have some close friends and family to take the pressure of a little if you need a breather. I'm a stay at home mum, for now, and I just love making things for my two girls, friends and family. Your blog is a lifeline for me and I just adore your sewing style and honest, funny posts. I'm so glad you were able to share your awful week with us and in the words of D:ream 'Things can only get better' 🙂 A band from home in Northern Ireland as I'm a Belfast girl who followed her hubby to Brissie. Take care Ros!

    1. Oh Helena I'm a kid from the 90s – I love that D:Ream song, I know it well 🙂 Thank you for you beautiful words, it means a lot to have people like you part of my community and that is why I love blogging so much. We can be alone at home but we are all connected.

      I do have lots of support from family and friends and I'm really lucky. I have dinner invites for the next 3 nights – HURRAH for no cooking or dishes 🙂

  36. What a huge week! You must be exhausted.. I was at ProBlogger too, would have been great to meet you 🙂
    Love a Blog about Sewing- who doesn't love handmade 🙂
    Kylie @ Handmade Kids

    1. Thanks Kylie! I'm sorry we didn't meet each other at the conference. If I go again I'm seriously making badges and sending them all to the creative bloggers so they can wear them and we'll be able to recognise each other!

  37. Oh my! What a week! A friend had meat spoil in her freezer last summer and she couldn't get the stink out so a nurse told her to try activated charcoal. It's what they use when a wound is infected and smells really bad. It worked like a charm. Might be worth a try if the baking soda doesn't take the smell out. And as for Miss Snooty blogger, obviously we wouldn't want to be reading her blog. Whatever the subject, I wouldn't be interested in someone so full of herself. Yours, on the other hand, I love.

  38. Thankfully, it sounds like the worst is over.

    It'a a shame your husband will be away for so long (and the circumstances suck), but you will find that you get into a new routine, so much so that you will probably need to have a few weeks adjustment period when we gets home again. Is there any chance that you and the kids can go see him, or that he can come home for a visit? Several months is a long time.

    You probably already know that chocolate is poisonous to dogs, so it's very likely that the unusal pee is linked to the choclate binge. I would recommend baking soda, maybe with a few drops of vanilla essense added, but I see that you are already on top of that.

    I remember one night picking up my son because he was feeling sick. Of course he vomitted on me. Instead of holding him away from me (as would be my preference), I held him close so that any further vomit would go onto me and not spread to the floor or surroundings. Ahh, parenthood, hey? I have a couple of really gross and embarrassing baby poo stories, too, but I don't think the general public would appreciated reading them.

    I don't like large crowds, packed places, or having to be sociable for extended periods of time, so I would have been running off to my room, too. And aren't sing-aloud people great? I knew a girl at uni who would regularly sing to herself. She didn't have the best singing voice, but I loved hearing it. It made me happy.

    My sister saw the Chili Peppers, probably the same year you did, and I was so jealous because I didn't get to see Pearl Jam a couple of years later, when I was the same age that she was when she saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers 🙁 It's OK, though, because Pearl Jam stayed together and I became an adult and got to make my own decisions, so I've seen them a couple of times since then 🙂 Although my preference is for a seated concert.

    1. Yep the worst in definitely over. It was a bit of a comedy of errors in the end. Unfortunately it's unlikely he can come home for a visit but with Skype and FaceTime we are in pretty constant contact so that helps a lot.

      I was so worried about the dog eating so much chocolate I woke up and checked on him every few hours that night. I really thought we'd end up at the vet but he seems fine. He is such a little scavenger, he acts as if I never feed him! Naughty.

      Don't worry you are not alone in your gross baby poo stories. I could seriously write a series of blog posts about it. One entirely devoted to Lucy's escapades in the bath 🙁

      Singing out loud really makes me happy too. Lucy was a bit grumpy in the car today and Bohemian Rhapsody came on the radio so I pretty much re-enacted that scene from Wayne's World for her. She wasn't too impressed but I think some of the other passing motorists were amused 🙂

      Maybe I should try sitting in seats at a concert one time…I'm sure the day will come (and soon) that Anna wants to go to something. She can get general admission tickets and I'll sit up elsewhere. Could be a plan? Although not sure how much I'll enjoy her choice of singers / bands. You never know, she might surprise me!

  39. When it rains, it floods! You can talk my ear off about sewing anytime! You are certainly not a beginner. As for the poochy poo smell, if the smell still lingers a damp cloth in vinegar and pat on the spot.

  40. I'm not even much of a seamstress, but I just love following your blog! Besides your beautiful creations, you write so clearly and concisely that I can almost hear your girls giggling when you tell a story and post pics. Ms Pfffft obviously is a very angry, unhappy person to say such a nasty, mean thing to you.

    Even covered with child vomit, missing your husband, the dog trying to poison himself with your chocolate,
    etc., you are sweet and very funny and obviously a wonderful mum! AND a dynamite blogger and talented seamstress!

    Mean people suck and it's their loss of a happy, fulfilled life.

    You're doing great, Ros. In every way that matters!

    Hugs all the way from Washington State!

  41. Oh boy! No wonder you needed to share! It was so lovely to meet you at the Coast and I wish we'd got to chat more but I'm totally with you on the crowd – quite overwhelming. And I'm not surprised to hear that you're not a beginner blogger – totally knew that even if you didn't 😉

    PS My room mate forgot to pack knickers too – and last year she forgot bras!! Shhh… don't tell her I shared…

  42. Ouf Ros, what a week you had… I hope the one that just passed was better… I just can't believe how people can react sometimes re the person who rolled her eyes at your blog. People just don't realise sometimes how their behavior can affect others…

  43. I sympathise, I've been puked on four times today so far. Sigh. But at least I haven't had rude comments from a twit like that person you met. Gosh, some people haven't the sense they were born with, not to mention manners. I really enjoy your blog and your tutorials, hang in there. 🙂

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