Strawberry Mug Rug

I signed up for the Strawberry Swap via Instagram a couple of weeks ago and intended to make a mug rug for my partner. But, as it happens sometimes, my first attempt was a big fat fail!

Not a terrible, horrible, must rip and throw away fail, but not good enough to send to my swap partner. Funny how swaps always bring out some self doubt and stress about my skills.
So I’ve adopted the mug rug as my own and it now lives on my bedside table and provides a home for my bits and pieces. These photos are completely unstyled – this is my bedside table, in situ.
The pink actually looks pretty good next to that dark wood!
What’s wrong with the mug rug? Just small things. Not all the points line up nicely on the patchwork.  I cut the binding too thin then had trouble stitching it on, which mucked up a couple of the mitred corners. The strawberry fussy cut pieces were too big for the seam allowances once the 2 1/2″ squares were sewn up.
Not huge problems but enough that I wasn’t happy. We are always our own worst critics.
In my partner’s information she said she’d like a zipper pouch so I made her a box shaped one like this one. Next up I’m planning to try another mug rug using this strawberry paper piecing pattern. I’m looking forward to giving it a go – I’ve never paper pieced before.
I’m also planning to include some yummy strawberry themed sweets in my parcel to my partner. Freddo frogs for sure!

12 thoughts on “Strawberry Mug Rug

  1. How refreshing to see such honesty!! Although I'm sure your partner would still have been happy with this mug rug!! I go through the same problems, but it's "great" to see such absolutely wonderful sewers, such as yourself, struggle with sewing problems! Sometimes I read these blogs, and see all the pics on Flickr, and think you are all perfect- so it's great to have your honesty!! Thanks! And have fun strawberry sewing!!

    1. I know what you mean, I also get overwhelmed with all the perfect sewing out there! It's important to remember that most blogs and social media feeds are really just a highlight reel! 🙂

  2. Hey Ros, I think it looks very sweet and I really love the colours, don't be too hard on yourself! I totally know where you're coming from though when you know something is just not right. I recently made some quilted cushions, just for my girls, and they turned out beautifully. Of course the one I was sewing today, for someone that actually wants to pay me for it, is a nightmare and I've had to unpick the zip twice 🙁 Good days and bad!!!

    1. Hi Mel, I am noticing a lot have moved from blog based things to Instagram. The sewing and quilting community is very active there. I follow a lot of people on ig so I see different projects and swaps and sew alongs

  3. Well I love your mug rug! You are very hard on yourself -it is so lovely!! The colours are just perfect and stitching so neat. You have inspired me to make one like it (or two as I get so many coffee spills on my table!) Alison xx

  4. Good on you for being so honest and critiquing your own work Roslyn. I guess one of the benefits of swaps is that they push you to create better work. It's a great way to learn. I'm participating in a birthday swap on IG soon and am starting to get excited to see what everyone comes up with.

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