Saturday Sewing Inspiration

After my creative slump confessions from last week, I completely ignored everything related to sewing and blogging until today and enjoyed the week.

I spent some time with old friends who were visiting us from Wagga, their kids and ours had a blast together. I had a fun girls day out with Anna as a special school holiday treat and we went to a really delicious sushi train restaurant for lunch. Yesterday the girls and I lazed in bed and watched episodes of Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom (anyone else’s kids obsessed with that show?) on the iPad until 10.30am. So a good time was had by all.

A busy week with the kids means this pouch gets a work out. I keep baby wipes, tissues and band aids in it!

I still flicked through my Bloglovin feed from time to time and scrolled through Pinterest. Even when I’m not actively making I still feel the need to see what others are up to!

This is what I’m keen on this week:

I’d like to a be a bit more creative with my quilts so I’m thinking a mini would be a good way try some new skills. I’m planning to make this one and go hard with some serious pinks and grey as the background.

Image from Thimble Blossoms

I haven’t bought fabric online in a long time. Hard to justify the shipping expenses, although I have been sorely tempted by this sweet little bundle I found here. So pretty and I love the gold highlights. Fabric with bling!

Image from Indeed Fabric

My overlocker hasn’t been used much lately. It’s not a cheap piece of equipment and I’d like to use it more and feel as comfortable with it as I do with my regular machine. Truth be told I’m still a bit intimidated by it. Apart from serging seams and making ruffles / gathering fabric, I really don’t have a handle on my overlocker’s capabilities. So I’m buying the Craftsy Beginner Serging class (which is on sale right now yay!) and I’m looking forward to watching the videos and trying some new overlocking moves.

Today I finished that bag that I mucked up last week and I also finished that quilt top that I’d been procrastinating over. So I’m feeling a good sense of achievement. Now I will retire for the evening and watch cooking shows on SBS Demand – Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam – my favourite!
Months ago I finished a quilt and I’ll be posting a tutorial sometime this week hurrah! Here is a sneak peek:
Have a great weekend!

10 thoughts on “Saturday Sewing Inspiration

  1. Yay! You made a list! Can't wait to see that quilt you made. I did the craftsy beginner serging course a while back and it definitely increased my confidence. I wasn't a huge fan of the projects they did though, so I really just watched and learnt. I'm really confident using it for my knit projects now – made up a Julia Cardigan the other week solely on the overlocker, happy days!

    1. Good to hear that you enjoyed the serger class Nat! I will probably be the same – watch the videos but not make particular projects. I find the video lessons really helpful.

  2. Ben & Holly? Yes! I think I actually like it more than my kids. Nanny Plum cracks. Me. Up. Best.
    Sounds like all is well again in Sew Delicious town. 😉

  3. Ben and Holly are very popular in our house, too.

    I'm also intimidated by my overlocker. I think I have had it for over a year and only used it once (I modified a woman's t-shirt into a dress for my daughter, keeping the original hems of the t-shirt). I have considered buying the Craftsy course before, but never have. I would love to know what you think of it.

  4. Hey Ros,
    I have your letter, I need to write back, but haven't yet. I will give you a little bit of info as to what's been going on here, I went to see a neurologist, got some x-rays done on my hands, the bones are fine. So, now I have to go see a rheumatologist, because the neurologist thinks I have Fibromyalgia. I have been doing tons of research learning about it. I will keep you posted on info when I know more.
    I have not been able to craft AT ALL 🙁 no sewing, no quilting, no drawing, nada. no housework, nothing. just reading. which well, i enjoy, but sometimes not so much.
    I just wanted to check in, I typed this in a comment last week on your post but it did not show up, when it told me to log in my msg deleted. so let's try again.

    I will write back real soon. promise!

  5. So glad to hear you enjoyed a relaxing week Ros. I love your selvedge pouch! I have been starting to collect selvedges after (shame on me) discarding them for years. I am really going to keep them now I am inspired to make something like this! Have a happy week, Alison xx

  6. Sometimes a relaxing week can get you out of the slump. I actually have had your ruffle tutorial open on my ipad all week. Making curtains for Elizabeths room with a gazillion ruffles but havent gotten the overlocker out yet I'm a little scared of the amount of ruffles I need to make.

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