Sunday Night Blues

I’m feeling a bit creatively frustrated.

Today I made a bag and it was going so well…until I sewed the bag handles to the wrong pieces and didn’t realise until an hour after I had completely finished and top stitched the whole thing. *swear word*

I have the patchwork strips of a quilt top sitting on my dining room table staring me in the face every time I walk past. For some reason I just can’t muster the energy to start the next step.

I had plans to do it today but ended up snuggling up on the couch with the girls and watching a bunch of episodes of Dragons: Riders of Berk while it poured rain outside. So the day wasn’t a total fail.

This year I have returned to work part time after five years of maternity leave. My job is great and not stressful at all but the commitment has certainly had a huge impact on everything else that happens in my week and available sewing time is at an all time low.

I also find I can’t sew at night. Occasionally I’ll get a burst of energy on a Friday night when my husband is watching football, but most of the time I am too tired and I go to bed and read or watch TV shows on my iPad.

I’m trying to re-energise myself by looking at old photos of favourite projects I’ve done recently (like the pictures in this post!) I also know that this is just a phase – things will change again, and probably soon.

This winter blast isn’t helping either – I’m definitely one of those people whose moods are affected by the seasons. I need to move somewhere in the world that has an endless summer!

Usually a massive clean up of my sewing area helps clear my mind. Packing everything away so I can start completely fresh. I think I’ll do it tomorrow morning.

How do you escape a creative slump? I’d love some tips.

20 thoughts on “Sunday Night Blues

  1. Hi Ros! I find it just comes and goes and I try to not worry either way. Sometimes I don't feel like doing anything at all creative and sometimes I have so many half finished projects because I can't wait to start the next thing!! Pinterest and checking out some of my favourite blogs helps me get inspired!!

  2. i'm in a slump too! instead i am spending all my free time outside working in the garden and around the house. i am more of a seasonal sew-er i guess. the weather is so beautiful right now! take a little break, it will come back to you. it always does me 🙂

  3. Oh goodness, I don't think you need to feel bad about the slump – I blame work! Whenever my workload picks up at different parts of the year, my creative juices dry up… but as soon as work is less overwhelming, it all comes back! I personally like to just take it easy when I'm not feeling crafty. What's the point in forcing it? It'll come back. I hope yours does soon! : )

  4. When I'm too tired for sewing or blogging I'll usually just let it go and give myself a rest – it's a hobby, so I don't want self-imposed pressures that'd detract from the fun. I've been part time now for 10 years and it's a great family friendly option (terrible for my career of course though), but some evenings there is just so much to do / organise / think about that sewing just can't get a look in. When I'm desperate to sew and can't find the time, I'll either stay up ridiculously late or try to take an annual leave day.

  5. This has been me for about 3 months now 🙁 I just… mehhhhhh…

    I've just the other day rearranged a couple of things that means I can now easily set up the laptop to watch while I sew, so hopefully that will bribe me to get in there more often?! And I've only got 3 weeks left before summer vacation *sigh*

  6. It is such a busy time when you are a new Mum and putting work back into your schedule even though enjoyable really does take it out of you. I was like this after my daughter was born, wanted to do such a lot but lacked the energy or time. I had a lovely butterfly embroidery project on the go and every day gave myself an hour just doing it, not worrying about all the other projects. The piece is always remembered as my therapy piece! Treat yourself very kindly-do watch TV shows or read -you'll soon be ready for all those lovely projects again! Take care Alison xx

    1. Thanks Alison! I'm sure it will all come back soon, family life is such a busy one and the good thing about a hobby is I can just leave it when I need to and come back to it once I'm ready!

  7. I have no advice. Im in the slump to end all slumps! Lol. I'm with you though. I was only thinking yesterday that it would be nice to be able to move north in winter months.

  8. I actually wrote a post on this recently! (Not sure if I'm supposed add links here so I won't) Basically it talked about writing lists, getting the 'boring' part out of the way (like cutting out) first, lots of pinning etc. I'm also hosting my first sew along night in Perth tonight so can't wait for that!! 🙂

  9. It's the weather for sure, Sunday was perfect for watching tv with a quilt but it's meant o be better this week. I find the opposite to Abby, I get depressed pinning thing when I'm in a slump, it makes me feel like everyone is doing something and I'm not. Just ride it out or experiment with something easy.

  10. Oh my gosh, I can sooo relate Ros.. I keep getting lots of ideas in my head but when it actually is time to sit down and make something happen, nothing happens!! I find myself so stressed about everything else that in turn I make sewing stressful too.. and I also cannot sew at night, I just find I make much better things in sunlight (which of course I never have available because guess who is awake during sunlight). Hang in there, it will come back <3 We are all here to cheer you on! So yea, no tips here either, only hugs. Let me know when you figure it out and let me know how 🙂

  11. Invite a friend over for a sewing night. I've been doing this with my friend & despite being tired & not in the mood, once I get there & we get started I have a productive night.
    If I sew by myself at night & I'm tired I usually have to unpick things in the morning. 😉
    Or, with your quilt, just make yourself sew one one row. If you still don't feel like doing more, stop, if it gets you in the groove, the better for it. 😀

  12. Winter definitely affects my mood too Ros. But I feel everyone is feeling a bit like this these days. As you said, it's just a phase and it will change soon I'm sure.

  13. With the recent weather in Melbourne, I can't imagine you'd have any motivation to do anything except snuggle up in bed and sleep.

    I would say don't be too concerned with a creative slump, take breaks when you need them. I imagine your enjoyment and motivation will probably pick up as the weather improves (and as you get used to your new work/life balance)

  14. I think most countries in Asia have endless summer if you are really in for a huge change. Nevertheless, I think that is not quite necessary. How I personally set time aside for a creative slump here in Perth is to set my mind to it. The location plays a huge role too actually. When at home, a dark and gloomy room always makes me sleepy and tired. Hence, when I need that energy boost, I make the place bright and lively so my mood will change along with it.

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