Pink & Aqua Quilt in Progress

Some friends of ours have just welcomed a beautiful baby girl, but I started working on this for her before I even knew she would be a girl. They chose not to find out the gender of their baby until she arrived but I took a gamble because I could just feel in my heart that a baby girl was on the way!

The couple who welcomed their sweet new daughter are not particularly cutesy people so I avoided any traditional baby prints and used a lot of blenders – polka dots, stripes and ditsy prints. Pink, aqua and grey is a lovely palette for a new baby girl and is not too overwhelming on the pink.

I bought this aqua herringbone for the backing and picked up this stripe which I thought might make a fun candy stripe style binding. I’m not sure about it now…but perhaps on a smaller scale the stripes won’t be as strong as they seem here? Opinions please!

The stripes were on the clearance table and the cashier gave me the end of the bolt for the remnant price (wahoo!) so even if I don’t end up using it I have a nice bit of yardage for future projects.

Inspiration from this quilt came from the Candy Coated Quilt from the book Sunday Morning Quilts. I made it using a similar style – large strips, mostly from my scrap basket, sewn together then cut across in different sizes to create a random scrappy feel through the quilt top.

I’m looking forward to putting it all together and shipping it off to London for Miss Baby Z to enjoy!

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11 thoughts on “Pink & Aqua Quilt in Progress

  1. I love scrappy quilts, Ros and the colours you've used look great. I think the stripes will work well as binding, because, as you say, you won't actually see much of it and it is the perfect colour for the herringbone print as well as picking up aquas in the quilt top. Look forward to seeing it finished.

  2. Sweet colour combination! Hmmmm, maybe the stripes might be a bit thick? Wait til you have the whole quilt top laid out and quilted, and then audition the stripes! x

  3. I'm not a 'cutesy' person and I think what you have looks great. It is really hard to comment on the binding choice without seeing the quilt as a whole, but it would be my guess that the stripes may be a little too bold. I know it sounds boring, but my suggestion would be a grey binding.

  4. Love the quilt top so far. I would go with the wide stripes, but I love stripes for binding. I have that book and need to refer to it more often.

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