DIY Floral Crown Tutorial

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Oh how I love roses. Especially when they arrive at my door unexpectedly. There is nothing quite like the surprise of a flower delivery! 
And while roses are stunning to display on their own in an arrangement, I also enjoy incorporating flowers into creative projects, like this one!
The lovely people from Fresh Flowers are the professionals when it comes to roses as well as all your other favourite flowers. They supply a huge range of celebration bouquets and arrangements from their website and at the click of a button, you can send something beautiful to a family member or friend to let them know you are thinking of them.

The rose bouquets and box presentations are my favourite, so I thought I’d take them one step further and share a lovely DIY project that you can do with your favourite flowers.
To make your floral crown, you need 6 roses or feature flowers, a dozen smaller flowers and assorted small pieces of foliage. You also require some florist wire and florist tape. You can find it in the flower arranging section of your local craft store.
1. Cut your flowers and foliage to size, with stems of about 3-5 centimetres. Create small bunches using the roses, flowers and foliage and secure them with floral tape.
2.  Twist your wire into a circle to fit the person who will wear the floral crown. Loop the ends and secure them around each other – this will make the crown slightly adjustable if you need to resize it later.
Secure any loose wire points with floral tape.
3. Starting in the middle at the front of the crown, secure your flowers and small bunches to the crown using the floral tape. Try to bunch the flowers closely together to make the crown appear full and to conceal the wire and tape.
Once you have completed one side of the crown, start again at the front and complete the second side.
4. Try it on the crown wearer and adjust the size if necessary. Refrigerate if the crown is to be worn later.
Simple and beautiful, it’s a lovely project to make for a wedding, for a birthday girl or for someone who would like to play fairies in the garden…

For my little fairies I think this project would team perfectly with a dress just like this one I made for Lucy and would be a very sweet outfit for a special occasion!

Make sure you pop over and check out the beautiful selection of floral arrangements at Fresh Flowers and visit them on here on Facebook. Perhaps you should send someone a surprise bouquet today!

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  1. A coronet of flowers would definitely make a birthday girl feel special. A charming idea. I remember when brides wore flowers during the 60s and 70s. A little flower power is always good.

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