School Holidays Activities – Sticker Drawings

I’m sure you have a few odd stickers lying around in your stationery drawer. For this activity I pulled out some old ring binder stickers I had.
Different shaped stickers are fun for kids to use to make different shapes and creatures. If you don’t have any stickers handy you can pick up lots of different ones cheaply at your local dollar store.
Anna drew a monster and used the stickers as eyes.

I helped Lucy (ok I did pretty much all of it!) and we made a caterpillar.

 Then Anna took the creativity a bit further and used the stickers to make her hand into a puppet!

The great thing about tasks like this is that kids will take the idea and use their creativity to take it several steps further.

Check out more school holiday activity ideas here. What types of activities do your kids love during the term break?

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