School Holiday Activities – Biscuit Decorating

For this activity you might need to add a couple of things to your grocery shopping list. Otherwise just use what you have in the pantry.

What you need:
-a pack of plain sweet biscuits (cookies) like Marie or Milk Arrowroot.
– icing sugar
– food colouring
– assorted small lollies and hundreds & thousands

1. Mix 3 small bowls with icing sugar and a drop of milk to make spreadable icing.

2. Tint icing with food colouring to create 3 different colours.

3. Place lollies and 100s&1000s in small bowls.

4. Give children a small spatula or butter knife to allow them to spread icing on the biscuit.

5. Allow them to decorate as desired.

This is great fun but be prepared – it may get very messy! My kids adore this activity, I usually save it up for when Anna has a friend to come over and play.

Variations – make cupcakes and allow kids to decorate them. Use the oval shaped milk arrowroot biscuits and decorate them to create Easter Egg biscuits.

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3 thoughts on “School Holiday Activities – Biscuit Decorating

  1. When I was a child this was a birthday party food. The biscuits, usually milk arrowroot, were spread with butter and then dunked in 100s and 1000s. A sort of upmarket fairy bread. When we played with our friends we did not play inside the house. That was only for those times when we were just family.

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