Pink & Grey Patchwork

The urge to do some scrap busting took over the other day and I decided to finally make a start on making a Pink Stitches Boxy Pouch, which I’ve wanted to try for ages.

I chose a pink and grey colour scheme and I’m pretty in love with it. I want to make ALL THE THINGS pink and grey.

Strange thing is that you would never catch me wearing pink clothing – it’s a colour that looks terrible on me. But I seem to have accumulated pink fabrics to the point that it’s the colour most represented in my fabric stash. Apparently I have a serious attraction to pink.

I used up a bunch of small scrappy bits and put together a couple of panels, then quilted them with straight lines.

Paper clips and TVs…oh my! And I love that Pam Kitty Morning button panel.

This panel is quite wonky. It seems I struggle to sew in a straight line sometimes. (I suspect I’m amongst good company there.)

So I finished the panels, trimmed them up and had them looking beautiful. Then I realised…I’d made them way too small! I thought I’d measured them up properly, but obviously my metric trained brain struggled to measure in inches. *shakes fist*

Ah well – these pretty panels are too good to waste, a small zippy will be made. But boxy pouch, mark my words, I WILL CONQUER YOU. This week hopefully.

15 thoughts on “Pink & Grey Patchwork

  1. Love this, these are my new fave colors! They are so pretty what ever you make them into will be very cute. Sometimes the best ideas come from mess-ups….I should know, I do it quite often!!!

  2. Still beautiful despite the "mistake"! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one making mistakes like that! Post pics of your pouch, please!

  3. agh!! I just did that yesterday.. spent 45 minutes measuring and cutting straight edge square, got momentary distracted and cut off two cm more than needed, the worst!! But your pink/grey patchwork is soo cute, I bet the small zip will look great, I can hmm always take it off your hands if you don;t want it XD

  4. so cute Ros! I'm the same kinda – accumulate a serious amount of blue and green in my stash – but that's life with 2 little boys and a husband?! I've started to try and build up other colours but I'm always attracted back to the blues…

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