Me. Lately.

I really love reading these types of posts by other bloggers. I devour them like a juicy article in a gossip mag. It’s interesting getting a glimpse of the person sitting behind the screen and tapping away at that keyboard.

Lately I’ve been anxious about churning out the next sewing project for the blog, and I think many bloggers get caught up in that grind. I consider this blog post a chance to jump off that treadmill. Thanks to my buddy Amy for the inspiration – she wrote this last month.

Making: Nothing. SHOCK HORROR. I’m currently between sewing projects. Pondering what’s next.

Cooking: Thai green curry in the slow cooker.

Drinking: Cascade mini cans of lime & soda.

Reading: Everything But The Squeal by John Barlow. It’s a bit boring, I might ditch it.

Wanting: A new laptop. Bank balance is almost in agreement.

Looking: At Anna in her school uniform and wondering where the time went.

Playing: Candy Crush Saga. It’s a terrible addiction. I’m up to level 273.

Wasting: Time. On Facebook usually.

Sewing: Nothing. But I have plans for some quilts and a Lady Skater Dress.

Wishing: That I had more time to sew and write tutorials for the blog.

Enjoying: Having my husband home after six weeks away working overseas.

Waiting: For my sister to call and tell me that she has accepted or declined a new job offer.

Liking: Ferrero Hazelnut filled Easter Eggs.

Wondering: If my kids will ever tire of watching Peppa Pig?

Loving: One on one time with Lucy. Now that Anna is at school she is my little side kick.

Hoping: That Malaysia Flight 370 will be found ASAP. I can’t imagine what those families are going through.

Marvelling: At my friend Mary. She is a mama of 3 with a lot on her plate. She packs more into a day that I do in a week. I have nothing but admiration for her. Lucky to have her as a friend.

Needing: A pedicure. Seriously.

Watching: Downton Abbey, Louis Theroux documentaries and Big Bang Theory. (Is Sheldon Cooper the best character on TV right now? I say yes.)

Smelling: The scent of my new shampoo. Not used to it yet.

Wearing: 3/4 jeans and a black t-shirt.

Following: Blogs that aren’t about sewing. Faux Fuschia is a current fave. 11/10.

Noticing: My medical typing at work is really improving. It’s like learning another language.

Knowing: That Lucy will eventually eat her veggies if I just keep serving them up.

Thinking: A lot about Daniel Morcombe. Too much I think. As parents I suspect we just have to live with the paranoia and do our best to protect our kids without smothering them.

Feeling: Pretty relaxed. Enjoying life and the new routine of part time work and school this year.

Bookmarking: The Age online and various sewing tutorials.

Opening: The pantry. For meal inspiration. It’s not working.

Giggling: Over stuff the kids say. It’s like living with two miniature comedians.

We should catch up like this more often! *pours wine*

21 thoughts on “Me. Lately.

  1. Thanks for sharing! It's fun to read where you are. And I'm totally on board with catching up with friends over a glass of wine anytime:) (frampuna)

  2. Your kids are little it's okay to watch them like a hawke, better safe than sorry. I don't even let mine out in the street after dark and I always pick Samuel up from work. Love sheldon hate Peppa Pig, if you figure out how to get them interested in something else please share. Enjoy having hubby back 🙂

    1. Thanks Mel. I think the case being so publicised in the media lately and reading the details about the perpetrator's previous crimes just scared me so much. As I know it has scared people all around Australia. Daniel's parents have been incredible though – I have such admiration for them. Strength and dignity personified.

      No idea about Peppa! One day they'll grow out of it. I hope.

    2. My daughter is 12 years old and still loves Peppa Pig, and so do I 🙂 🙂 We love the accents and the little piggy snorts. And it's a toss-up which is better – The Big Bang Theory or Downton Abbey. I think if I could only keep one, I'd have to choose TBBT. I enjoyed the glimpse into your everyday world 🙂

  3. When I first started reading blogs, it was all about tutorial, techniques, etc. I did not care about people's holidays, thoughts, not even new babies caught my attention (OK maybe for a quick minute). Now I am getting to know you and the other blogging girls I actually am enjoying reading posts like this one 🙂 Thank you for sharing 🙂

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