Swap Gifts Received!

I’ve had such an exciting mail week – both my Sweet Pouch Swap and Secret Valentine’s Exchange gifts arrived! I’m feeling very lucky, so without further ado, check out what my very generous partners sent to me:

In the information I gave Lynda, I told her that I loved the Cloud 9 fabric range, Koi. She ordered a bundle and made the pouch using it, then sent me the rest of the fat quarters! So generous – I had told her that I hadn’t bought any yet because it was hard to get and very expensive here in Australia.

I’m completely thrilled with my little bundle of Koi and very appreciative, I still haven’t seen it for sale here.

I confess that some of the treats Lynda sent are missing – we ate some before I took the photos! I’ve added some of the little boxes of yogurt covered raisins in Anna’s school lunch box this week and they’ve been a huge favourite!

But let’s talk about the Hershey’s Marshmallow Heart. Seriously. I think I need to set up some sort of confectionery importing business so I can keep myself in supply of these. YUM! Are they seasonal for Valentine’s Day or available all year around? I NEED MORE.

Thank you so much Lynda for being such an awesome partner, and thank you to all of you who participated in round 3 of the Sweet Pouch Swap! Round 4 will happen in the next few months and will be hosted by Alyce from Blossom Heart Quilts. I always announce the sign ups in my newsletter so to get the announcement straight to your inbox, sign up here!

Next up was the Secret Valentine’s Exchange, where we received gifts from an unknown partner.

The person who made for me was the lovely Lightning McStitch, who as it turns out, lives just a few suburbs away here in Melbourne. She sent me this divine Japanese gauze scarf that she embellished with some hand embroidery. Pop over to her blog for the story behind the scarf!

It’s beautifully soft and lightweight and will be great for the in-between weather in Spring and Autumn. Thank you so much Lightning!

If you’d like to see what I sent my partners, check them out – Sweet Pouch Swap gift for Lynda and Secret Valentine’s Exchange gift for Stephanie.

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  1. Peeps are only good when they are fresh. The marshmallow filled heart reappears for each season. Marshmallow filled eggs, santas, pumpkins etc. They should have them around here. 😉

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