It’s no secret that I love decorating cakes for my daughters every year for their birthdays. But this year Anna requested “a cake of a dog that stands up, wags it’s tail and also has a bone it can chew.” Ummm…that might be stretching my skills way too far!

Pinterest to the rescue! I opened the app for the purpose of finding a simple cake, and this fox cake tutorial by Handmade Charlotte popped up immediately in my feed. Anna saw it and said “I WANT THAT!” Phew. I knew all the bits and pieces I needed would be sorted by a quick trip to the supermarket.

This is how my version turned out. Sorry, no fancy styling, it was eaten about 10 seconds after these pictures were taken!

The tutorial was really simple and helpful, and the only thing you need that might not be available in your local supermarket is a piping bag and tip. The tutorial suggests piping bag tip Wilton #233, which creates a fur effect, but I didn’t have that one and I’ve found using my small star tip Wilton #21 just as effective for a fur like texture.

I also cheated a bit on the eyes and ears – the tutorial uses fondant icing to create those features, but I used brown m&ms for the eyes and nose, and chopped a kit kat bar to make two triangles (I ate the rest, chef’s privileges haha!) which I used for the ears. The back of the kit kat was facing up so I could pipe onto the flat side.

I didn’t fill in the sides of the cake with orange icing because I didn’t have enough. If the cake was on display at a party, I would have bought more, but it was just a small gathering with immediate family. I used two tins of Betty Crocker type ready made frosting – one for the white undercoat of the cake, then another tinted orange for the fur. When using colours to tint large amounts of icing, I strongly recommend you purchase gel colours – you don’t need as much. Liquid colours will do in a pinch, but the gels are much better and they are available in a wider range of colours. You can buy them at cake decorating stores both in person or online.

Verdict? Success!! Happy 5th birthday my beautiful girl.

19 thoughts on “Fox Cake

  1. Oh, look at that gorgeous smile . . . I think she likes it šŸ™‚
    I'm having another Give-A-Way . . . please come enter šŸ™‚
    Your blogging sister, Connie šŸ™‚

  2. I really love it! I think it looks good without the orange on the sides. Its like the white is that white neck collar thingy foxes have. ( can you tell by that description that im running on four hours sleep and only one coffee in my system? Lol)

  3. success indeed, this is just wonderful. I used to do the same for my kiddos and improvising and changing things up is part of the fun. your little ones will remember these for a long time.

  4. Seriously Ros this cake is fabulous! When I saw it on Instagram I was very impressed! Well done! I'm sure Anna loved it! My parents are back to Canada and Iā€™m catching up on blogging this week. I also wanted to wish you a very Happy New Year 2014 to you and your family filled with everything you want and love! All the best!

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