Anna’s First Day of School

It’s a milestone for my beautiful girl today! After months of anticipation Anna’s first ever day of school has finally arrived.

She has been busting to wear her uniform, and has given us several previews over the summer holidays so she was completely thrilled to finally put it on for real!
We got out her scooter and helmet and she scooted to school while I walked with Lucy in the pram. She has a few buddies from her kindergarten (pre-school) in class with her which made her feel a lot more relaxed when she arrived.
Here’s a bit of nostalgia for you! I remember my first day of school well. My little brother was only 10 days old, Mum was not long out of hospital and my Nan was staying with us. We lived in Sydney then and I went to Cherrybrook Public School. I loved that maroon uniform – my Cabbage Patch Doll had a matching one!
I choked up a little bit when we arrived at the school gate but I pulled
myself together. Anna was a bit quiet and possibly a little overwhelmed
but she got into some drawing so I left her to it. Her teacher, Miss
Arnold, is lovely and I can see Anna will adore her.

I can’t wait to walk back up to collect her at 3.30pm and hear all about her day!

23 thoughts on “Anna’s First Day of School

  1. How exciting for you all! I'd be willing to bet Anna had a wonderful day wearing her beautiful new uniform. This brought back such sweet memories of my children, Ros. Thank you!

  2. Don't they suddenly look older dressed in their uniform. It is an emotional time… a whole new era for both of you. I think it was obligatory to have a school uniform for Cabbage Patch dolls. Our (my kids') dolls had both Summer and Winter uniforms… LOL!!! I still have one of the Winter ones.

  3. what a wonderful day of memories. your girls are so very pretty. hope you both survived well. this is a new begging for the family. I found that making it all pleasant and something to look forward to (as well as looking forward to coming home afterwards) was what made it successful. being positive in life has its rewards

  4. How exciting! I was so excited for my older daughter's first day of school, and my youngest daughter can't wait for hers. I'm happy for them, but it also makes me teary!

  5. How exciting! Kindy is such a special year. Hope she had a great day and is loving school. The flashback pic is very cute too.

  6. Just came across this post by the Cherrybrook photo…. my three children have gone there, youngest still there. The uniform is still the same (I still love it) only one more year after this one and I’ll have been going there for 13 years – it’s going to feel strange!

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