A Fabulous Year!

2013 has been a year of really fantastic things, but also a few pretty major challenges. In many ways I’m really glad to be saying goodbye to this year, and hello to 2014.

Before I do that, I thought I’d share with you the things YOU loved on my blog this year. It continues to amaze me that people take the time to not only read the things I write here, but also make the projects I share. I appreciate it more than you know, and Sew Delicious would be nothing without my lovely readers, so thank you for all your support and friendship!

According to Google, boss of the internet, the top five posts on my blog during 2013 were:

5. Quilting For Beginners. This was a guest post written by my lovely friend Jenny, a long time ago now when I posted my Sewing Basics Series. It’s a great post, and thousands of people agree, so thanks Jen 🙂

4. Quick and Easy Kids Pants. Time for me to go back to this tutorial and make some more – Anna has finally grown out of the pants in this picture!

3. DIY Clothing Labels. One of my first ever tutorials on this blog and still one of the most popular!

2. Simple Zip Pouch for Beginners. I got an email from a Mum who had taught her daughter how to use her sewing machine for the first time using this tutorial. Emails like that ARE THE BEST!

1. Quilted Sewing Machine Cover. This tutorial was a real turning point for me writing this blog. I was blown away with the positive response to this project, and even more so when the photos started popping up of all the sewing machine covers other people had made using this tutorial.

I also love that I use it all the time, it’s a really practical project and it makes my sewing area look so clean and tidy when I pop it over my machine.

Wishing all of you a wonderful Christmas (we are expecting 37C where we are spending Christmas Day – I am jealous of all of you who will be enjoying a winter wonderland!), and a very Happy New Year!

First post back in January will be sign ups for Round 3 of the Sweet Pouch Swap – get your zippers ready! I can’t wait for the next round! It will only be open to a limited number of participants on a first in, best dressed basis. I’ll be announcing it via my newsletter first so if you want to be in the know, you can subscribe here. I hope you’ll be in!

6 thoughts on “A Fabulous Year!

  1. Merry Christmas Ros and what a wonderful year getting to know you and meet you in person. Hope 2014 is kind to you and hopefully we can catch up again! All my love to you, Trev and the girls.

    Anne xx

  2. Merry Christmas, Ros and family! I'm a terrible seamstress, I'm afraid, but I love to see your postings and your photos and have actually learned quite a bit from your tutorials. It has definitely aided my mending techniques! LOL. Wishing you all the best in 2014 and thank you so much for everything you do! BTW, baby Carter was born in late November and his mum loves the bibs that came all the way to Washington State from a special lady in Australia. I feel so lucky to have found your blog and to have been able to purchase 2 of your beautifully crafted bibs for a special new member of our family! Hugs from Kris in Edmonds, Washington.

  3. Happy New Year Ros, hope 2014 is a fabulous one!!! Love reading your blog and following you on insta and facie, you do an incredible job, I don't know where you find the time/energy!!! Keep it up lovely xxx

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