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For our holiday I decided that I didn’t want to take my wallet, but I needed something to carry cash, as well as our passports and plane tickets when travelling. I finally pulled out my selvedges that I’ve been saving for ages, and made a selvedge pouch. I’ve made a couple of these before, but not for a long time and I’ve given them as gifts, so I’m thrilled to finally have one of my own!

I love making these, because it’s like a trip down memory lane. A reminder of favourite fabrics that I used a long time ago, and have since run out of. It’s also a nice reminder of old projects. When I am cutting fabric, I always trim my selvedges off retaining about an inch of the fabric. That way you can see a strip of it and it adds colour to these types of projects.

To make one of these pouches, I cut two pieces of cotton batting to the size I want my panels. Then I line up my selvedges and arrange them the way I want them. Starting from the bottom right hand corner I stitch each selvedge on top of the last onto the batting panel. Because their edges are sealed, you don’t have to worry about the selvedges fraying. Once they are all stitched on, I trim up the panel and it’s ready to be sewn up as a pouch.

I lined this pouch with a really bright yellow Heather Bailey print. It’s so bright, it’s almost neon and it makes me smile every time I look at it! I used a couple of scraps for my zip ends and I made them longer than usual which has given the zip ends a really neat finish.

I will definitely be making something else with my selvedges soon, I really enjoyed putting them together for this project. Maybe I should make something on a bigger scale? But what? Or maybe I’ll save them for the next Sweet Pouch Swap? (which Alyce and I have decided to do in the early in new year – stay tuned!)

18 thoughts on “Selvedge Zip Pouch

  1. I've been saving selvedges for years and am in love with all the selvedge quilts I see on pinterest… The pouch might be more at my level of ability though, if I could just master putting in a zip!!

  2. What a neat idea! When do you trim the selvedge off of your fabric? Do you do it before using your fabric (as in you have a bunch of fabric laying around with no selvedges attached) or do you leave it on until you've almost used up the fabric (as in you have what used to be a length of fabric that is now just a scrap piece with a really long selvedge "tail")? Thanks!

    1. I usually trim the selvedge off just before I start to cut into a fabric that I am using for a particular project. I only keep the pretty ones that have some nice detail. I will fold the fabric then use my ruler and rotary cutter to cut off the printed selvedge and about an inch of the fabric.

  3. Gorgeous pouch, I would not want to give that one away either! Glad I am not the only one who gets nostalgic about old and out of print fabrics, it's a great way to have a reminder of favourite fabric lines.

  4. This is awesome, and makes selveges look hip! (Not an easy feat). I'm doing a Christmas gift inspiration pits, may I use a pic of this (with a link back, of course!). Intrepidtwins at gmail

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