Hexies are Sexy

In a couple of weeks we will be going away on holiday. Hurrah! Super exciting, but my mind has already switched into vacation mode. I’m loathe to start any big projects, I’m not even thinking about Christmas (only 71 days away – whatever.) I just want quick projects that I can complete in an hour or two.

My scrap basket is out of control at the moment. I struggle to throw fabric scraps away so I’ve been trying really hard to bust the ever growing pile and make use of what I have. I’ve been seeing hexagon projects around and I decided on a whim the other night that making hexis would be preferable to watching my husband’s choice of Die Hard 4. Each hexi is quick to make, it’s very calming to sit and stitch in front of the TV, and there is a real sense of achievement once your little hexi collection grows!

I’d never made any before so I just printed off this page of paper templates and I watched a couple of You Tube videos to get me started. 

There will be no hexi quilt – that’s just crazy talk. Imagine how many you would need!? Especially since these little babies are only 1″ hexies. I plan to use these just as pretty embellishments on small projects. You can see that I’ve already stitched a few together (the love birds) and I will applique them to a denim pouch that I have cut out and ready to sew. I plan to use it to carry my money while I’m away.

They suit small ditsy prints and fussy cuts, so it’s fun picking through the scraps to find fabrics that will work as a small unit. I don’t have a lot of small prints, they are definitely something I need to add to my stash, as I find I tend to be drawn to larger prints.

These little hexagons are quite addictive! Do you make them? What type of projects have you used them for?

13 thoughts on “Hexies are Sexy

  1. I've never made them Ros but have seen them round for years. I haven't ever looked into how they're made but is there a cardboard template in each one? If so, how does that go getting washed? Do you take the cardboard out once all sewn together? See, I know nothing about it. LOL Will you be instagramming on your holiday?

    Anne xx

    1. Yep there is a little paper template in each one – you just pull them gently out once you've stitched your hexies together. Not sure if I'll be instagramming while on holidays – I'm thinking about switching off completely. I'll share a select few happy snaps once I'm back!

  2. Ohhhh. I love the idea of using them as embellishments. Might have to change my mind about the process of hexies and give it a try!
    Ps… love the title of this post!

  3. They are fun and they're also happy to sit in the basket when you get board with them. I love the love birds. I use freezer paper for my templates so the don't move I just randomly iron them on an cut them out then stitch whenever the mood strikes

  4. They're great. Great idea to have some ready to add to little projects. I loved what caila did with her hexi dress:)

  5. Beautiful. I made my first hexies last summer. They are the perfect portable project so I packed up a small bag of fabric and templates and pieced together a few butterfly wings during the holidays. I'm now continuing the project slowly, whenever I'm travelling or out and about I have my hexies handy in my bag. I will, in time, have enough butterflies for a quilt. I also recently made one to embelish the front of my new sewing supplies bag.

  6. I made my very first, and certainly not my last, for a mug rug for a sewing swap mug rug! I was amazed at how quick, fun & satisfying they were to sew! I plan on doing lots more, mainly as embellishments on pouches, bags & mug rugs.
    For those of you who haven't tried it yet- DO!

  7. Great fun hey Ros, I've made a bunch that I have no idea what they will become yet and also made some pentagons into a babys rattle ball for a carer at SAMs daycare who is expecting. Have a great holiday Ros 🙂

  8. I just did my first ones on the weekend too! I'm loving it and hope to go through my stash tonight in search of the best fabric. Yours are lovely. I'm totally putting mine on a few pouches but I also have been thinking of some little denim look linen that I have – made into skirts with a little hexie flower on it. LOVE!!

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