Quilt As You Go Pot Holders

My Nan doesn’t have any pot holders or oven mitts to use when she is cooking, she usually just uses dish towels. So I decided to make her some as a gift!

I’ve been making an effort to use my scraps lately, so this was a perfect opportunity to raid the scrap bin again. I pulled out pieces at random – there is no planned colour scheme or fabric choices here, it was just whatever I grabbed!

These were pretty quick and easy to make. The main thing you need is Insulbrite, which is a heat resistant inner layer that you use a bit like batting or interfacing. I purchased mine at my local fabric chain store, it was stocked in amongst the batting, it was sold from a large roll.

To do the quilting I had a layer of insulbrite, a layer of cotton batting on top, then I used the quilt-as-you-go method to stitch the fabric on. I started with my middle piece and worked my way around in a log cabin style.

Once I had all my pieces stitched on, I trimmed it up and used the rim of a coffee mug to round off the corners. Then I cut a piece of quilting cotton to back it with, and stitched in the ditch around the log cabin to quilt the layers together.

Finally I used some bias binding I had on hand to finish them off, and some small pieces of ribbon to create loops for hanging.

So that’s it! I’m trying to make a real effort at the moment to use what I have. My stash has really grown over the past year and I need to use all up it rather than buy more… let’s see if I can stick to that plan.

Hope my Nan likes them! I’m feeling confident – she has form for being very complimentary about all my creative endevours over the past 33 years. Grandparents are the best.

15 thoughts on “Quilt As You Go Pot Holders

  1. 🙂 so cute!! i cannot wait to try this! saw a repeat of a Nancy Zieman on using scraps of very small sizes to make trim the other day (just another idea on using your scrap stash).

  2. These are beautiful. I'm sure she will love them and appreciate them very much. If she doesn't already have a place to hang them, a 3M hook stuck up on the wall near the stove is handy.

    Suz is right, you are very lucky.

  3. They are gorgeous. I love how you have no planned colour scheme but the colours complement each other beautifully. That is a talent – I one I wish I possessed. I seem to spend a lot of time agonising over fabric choices and co-ordination.

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